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Ok, this is longer than usual, but you’re getting a sneak peek of a story that was rejected for publication and will be repurposed into a Sir and Babygirl story – definite changes will be made to this one. I wanted to share the original story with you before I changed it. Happy Masturbation Monday!

With each tug, I felt the rope tighten across my body. I sighed in pleasure. Not stopping his work, he looked up at me in askance.

“It feels like I’m being hugged.” He smiled in understanding and bent down to the task at hand.

Still new to rope bondage, I didn’t always understand what he was doing. Looping this way, pulling that way, the rope work was a mystery to me. I probably could have asked what he planned to do but not knowing was part of the excitement.

I looked at myself in the mirror, noting the contrast between my pale skin and the dark blue of the rope. I pretended not to see the bulging flesh between the knots. He believes me to be beautiful so I am. One of the many benefits of being a submissive is that Sir is always right.

“Pet, where’s your mind?” His fingers never stopped their knot-making and he never looked up from his work, but clearly he’d been paying attention to me.

My mouth opened and shut for a few seconds. I didn’t know how to answer his question without facing his possible displeasure with the answer.

“Pet.” His voice held a clear warning. There was no getting out of this.

I took a deep breath before answering. Exhaling, the words came out in a rush. “I was thinking that the rope doesn’t look as good on me as it does on models or the girls at the club, and I decided it didn’t matter if I don’t think I’m beautiful because you do, and you’re Sir.”

“All that, huh?” He sounded like he was smiling, but I couldn’t see his face. “Well, you got one thing right, I know you’re beautiful, and you better get used to it – because I am Sir.”

Bowing my head, I blushed. We’d been together for nearly a year but I still wasn’t convinced that he was right about my beauty.

I felt a tug on the rope against my labia and hissed. He’d looped the rope so that it slipped right into my body. Coupled with the growing pressure from the tightening bonds, I was fast becoming ready for more.

Satisfied with the quality of the knots and my own reaction, he turned my body so that I stared at my reflection in the mirror while he continued. I tilted my head to the side while I watched him work. He pulled out another length of blue rope and began wrapping it around my waist, building mysterious loops. My curiosity grew as I watched.
“Um, Sir? What’s the plan for the next bit of rope?”

He chuckled and murmured, “You’ll see soon enough, pet.” I knew better than to press him.

Shifting my weight from foot to foot, I tried to keep my mind blank. A good submissive waiting on the pleasure of her Sir, that’s me. Yep, accepting whatever he decides. I flexed my fingers and wiggled my toes. I swayed back and forth.

SMACK! I squeaked as his hand connected with my flank.

“Stop squirming, pet, now.”

I nodded and stopped fidgeting. The soles of my feet throbbed a bit. My nose itched. My urge to fidget and need to obey Sir played tug-of-war. I sighed and received a warning look. Gulping, I stared into the mirror, willing myself not to think of any discomfort.

“There, all done, pet.” He sat back on his haunches, hands on his thighs, and looked up at me. I saw the glint in his eyes and knew he wasn’t done by a long shot.

Standing up, he pulled me into his arms, giving me a small squeeze. Letting go with a small pat to my backside again, he walked to the end of the bed and rummaged in our toy chest. As I always did when a toy was coming out to play, I wondered what my mother would think if she knew I repurposed the hope chest she gave me as a teenager into a kinky toy chest filled with all kinds of implements for pleasure and torture.

Turning around, I gasped when I saw what he’d chosen. The wand, the fucking wand. The wand that made me scream and orgasm until I couldn’t move. My eyes widened as I realized what the “extra bit of rope” was for. He’d made a harness. I was going to be strapped to the damn thing. I felt the moisture pool between my thighs even as I felt the sweat breakout on my forehead. I wanted the orgasmic power of that toy, but I was scared of it.

“Get on the bed, pet. On your back.” Slowly, I walked to the bed. His hand gripped my arm to help me climb on the bed without disturbing his ropework. I laid down, staring up at the ceiling, feeling like a sacrifice for some kinky, sexual god. Maybe I am, maybe I’m his sacrifice.

“Shit, pet, I forgot something. Lift that ass up.” I felt him slide a thick, soft towel under me on the bed.

“Thank you, Sir, but I have no doubt I’ll be washing sheets when you’re through.” He laughed. We both knew the towel was no match for the wand and my own wet orgasms.

“Give me your wrist, pet.” With quick efficiency, he began to tie my wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed. He’d shown me the knot a few days before. Easy to tie, comfortable, and, in a pinch, easy to release. Faster than I anticipated, I was splayed on the bed, spreadeagled, open and exposed.

As he strapped the wand into the harness, I remembered the rope hidden inside of me. I swallowed back the urge to question him. He’d never neglected to explain the plan before. I had no reason to believe this time would be any different. He tugged on the wand, testing the bonds. Then, he pulled on the harness around my body.

“You’re probably wondering why I’d place a rope against your clit and use a wand harness, right, pet?” I nodded. “I want you to feel as many sensations as possible. And I admit, I’m curious. I don’t know if that rope will make your orgasm hit harder and faster or if it will slow things down. We’ll both know soon enough.”

“Yes, Sir.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I was curious and a little fearful.

He turned on the wand to it’s lowest setting and sat down on the chest at the end of the bed. I soon forgot all about him as the vibrations pulsated through my entire core. I felt my muscles tense with apprehension. I knew I had to relax in order to let the pleasure wash over me. I willed the muscles in my torso and legs to loosen up. I closed my eyes and focused on the growing throb between my thighs. Grateful for a smooth rope, I could feel the warmth caused by the friction between the wand, the rope, and my body. Spikes of pleasure shot through my legs, causing my toes to curl. I felt my body writhe against the bed, my hands gripped the sheets.

The need to come hit me like a truck. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh, fuck, Sir, please, oh, God, please, Sir, pleeeeeeeeeeeease, Sir.”

“Please what, pet?” His growled whisper sent me over the edge.

“Oh, fucking, God, please Sir, please can I come? Please can I come? Please can I come?” The words became a litany I repeated over and over again. Nothing in the world mattered but his approval. I pulled against my bonds, digging my heels into the bed, desperate to control the oncoming climax.

“Wait, pet.” The wand shifted slightly, now off-target but still vibrating like crazy. I realized he was moving the rope out of the way. Just as the wand was placed back into position, I heard, “Come for me, pet.”

I screamed as the full-force of the wand’s vibrations hit my clitoris. My body spasmed as the orgasm ripped through my body. I felt myself open, blossoming like a god-damned flower, fluids gushing from my body, soaking the towel beneath me and spraying my thighs. Before I could take a single breathe, the next orgasm slammed into me.
I cried and screeched, grunting and groaning as wave after wave hit me. With the next wave, I felt hot liquid trickle down my ass. Then, I orgasmed with no tell-tale gush, my muscles clenching. I desperately tried to ride each wave, but I came too often to catch my breath. Over and over again, time lost all meaning. I felt moisture on my back – sweat, ejaculate, or both, I didn’t know. I shrieked and writhed like a woman possessed.

Finally, he leaned over and turned off the wand. I shuddered as orgasmic aftershocks wracked my body. I whimpered with each one, my clitoris opening, my body spasming. I shook and gasped, plummeting to the earth again almost as quickly as I’d flown above it with the wand strapped to my body.

“Take a deep breath, pet.” I gulped in air like a starving woman. I inhaled and exhaled until he was satisfied. “You did so good for me, pet. You are so beautiful like this. My wild, wanton woman who lets me play.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I turned my head to look at him as another aftershock took me by surprise. My body arched and folded in on itself with no warning. “Mmmm, thank you for everything. I like playtime.”

“Let’s get you out of all this. I want to check your wrists and ankles.” I looked at him, confused. “Pet, you were pulling against the ropes hard enough that I thought you might hurt yourself.”

As he unwound the rope from my wrists, I looked down, surprised to see indentations in my skin, the pattern a match for the rope. He rubbed my wrists to help the circulation. As he removed the rope from my ankles, I stared in wonder. I remembered pulling a bit, but not enough to make these marks.

“Wow.” He chuckled as I blushed. “I went a little wild, I guess.”

“You did, and it was breathtaking to watch. Now you need water and rest, my beautiful woman.”

I smiled at him and made a mental note to wash the sheets, towel, and rope. I sighed in pleasure as he sank into the bed next to me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close.

“Sir? Can we play with the wand again soon, please?” I heard his deep laugh as I drifted off to sleep.

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