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Soon, But Not Soon Enough #WickedWednesday

I’m back from my long business trip, grateful to be home, knowing that my true home is 440 miles away. There’s something about traveling that makes me feel farther away than even miles can calculate. Is it the disruption to our routine, the thing that connects us while we are physically apart? Is it the knowing that there are even more miles between us? I don’t have the answers. But I’m glad to be home.

Last night, we spent an hour or more talking about our relationship, talking long into the night, refusing to give in to exhaustion. I spoke passionately about putting fear aside. I reminded him that if he is my rock – which is he – then I am also his rock. We can do anything together. We are stronger because of one another, not despite the other. I admitted that I had been wary just a few months ago that maybe he wasn’t serious about making changes he said he wanted to make. I told him that I knew he was strong enough, that now he proves to me every day that he wants this as much as I do.

We skirt around the “marriage” topic. Neither of us is ready for that conversation. Like much of our relationship, if there’s a time to be ready for it, I have no doubt we’ll reach a similar conclusion at about the same time. One of us will say, “I have something I want to talk about…” and the topic will tumble out to be discussed, dissected, debated, planned, strategized…and ultimately a decision will be made that we can both live with. (I wouldn’t be a babygirl if I didn’t hope that, if we mutually decide that works for us, romantic gestures would follow. But I digress…). And no doubt, one or both of us will blog about it.

Every day we work towards something that takes our breath away, strengthens our backbone, gives us hope, makes us deliriously happy, and is worth fighting and working for. Every single day. I know that time is slowly moving, that we are making progress in our goals, dreams, desires to be together. I know we will be together soon…but not soon enough.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is “Together.” Hmmmm, can you guess what that made me think of? /giggles

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