Wicked Wednesday

Don’t Miss A Drop #WickedWednesday

Her soft, pink tongue licked at the sticky fluid. I could feel her trembling against me as she lapped up each drop.

“I told you not to miss a drop, didn’t I girl?” He snarled at her. I felt moisture dribbling from the apex of her thighs, dropping onto me, cooling almost instantly.

He bent down over her, pressing her face into me with his hand. She whimpered at the back of her throat as her face was painfully forced against me. He held the back of her neck as he knelt down. I could feel the hardness of his shoes and his knees. I could hear the sound of his zipper being lowered.

His knees forced hers apart. Her full breasts pressed into me. The pressure had to be painful, but she simply mewled and sighed in delight. Moments later I felt her shifting back and forth across me, her face still pushed against me. Her tongue darted out to taste the liquid drying on me. The way he held her down, her mouth couldn’t close. As a result,she drooled all over me.

I soon realized the shifting back and forth was caused by a hard fucking. Sweat and other fluids dripped all over me. I wondered if I would feel her sweet tongue tasting me in those spots later, too. The man grunted and snarled in what I only assume was pleasure.

“Fuckin’ whore. You’re my little god-damned fucktoy, aren’t you bitch? Take my fucking cum, take it!”

She squealed as he fucked her harder. I felt them both stiffen as he came inside of her. He’s a messy brute, though, as his thick semen dripped all over me.

He chuckled to himself when he realized what a mess they’d made. I felt her move as he pulled her by her neck to the new sticky mess.

“Lick it up, girl!” He growled, she mewled, and I sighed in pleasure as her tongue swept over me yet again.

Hello there, Wicked Wednesday. You know, I adore you, right? This week’s prompt was to write from the perspective of a freshly scrubbed floor. I am often turned on my some humiliation play although I’ve never experienced it myself. Would I lick a freshly scrubbed floor? Probably so.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

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