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Fantasy and Reality by @Trillium2011 #GuestBlog

I have a guest blogger for today! Yay!! (Who wants to hold hands and dance in a circle??). Let me introduce you to Trillium, a BDSM author and submissive who gets it! By “it” I mean that BDSM is supposed to be safe, sane, and consensual. Like most of us living the D/s lifestyle, she has to balance fantasy with reality, how she was raised with how she feels. I think she nails it in today’s post.

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Fantasy: my body is the perfect ideal. Master is a millionaire. i am always beautifully submissive with no thoughts, resentments, or feminist strivings. i exist only to serve. My Dominant is always in control of His thoughts and actions.

Cuffed to an X-frame, i shiver as He caresses my naked body with the flogger i know He’ll use on my when He is ready. my ass bears the beautiful ladder of cane welts He bestowed because i touched His heart with my submission.
i await His pleasure.
Reality: My body is…well…less than perfect. Neither my dominant nor I are millionaires. As an aging boomer/feminist, I have to work to submit to anyone, but I can enjoy it when my mind is in that space. Just don’t ask it of my full time! As for my dominant’s mind…it can be a muddled mess most of the time.
And yet…
Cuffed to an X-frame, I shiver as he caresses my naked body with the flogger I know He’ll use on me when he gets to it. My ass is red because he spanked me last night because I teased him into it.
But for now…
I await our mutual pleasure.
Tension: How I see myself in my fantasy and how I exist in reality bring tension to my life. Could I be more submissive? Probably, but I was raised in a religion that taught me to “Question Authority.” What is more authoritative than a dominant?
Yet I yearn for the freedom to turn it all over to someone, or even a higher power. When the tension is at an absolute perfect pitch, the unspoken music between dom and sub is beautiful to watch and more tender to be within.
It’s not about the pain or control—it’s about the connection.
This is the tension I’m working to explore in my books.
Do you feel it?
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