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I admit that I was that child in school who felt very special whenever I received an A or, heaven help me, an A+.  Nothing like a little validation for one’s efforts, right?  Well, that’s how I feel when I’m given a blogging award, and in the past week or so, I’ve gotten two.  Of course, then I have that Sally Fields moment, too – “You like me, you really like me!”

Thanks to my bud Scot over at The Dom Next Door for awarding me a hybrid award (of his own creation since he was awarded two at the same time): The Awesome AND Beautiful Blogger Award

Since it’s really TWO awards, I’ll follow all the rules, but only award it to others ONCE.

Scot created a special rule for this hybrid award, and I am happy to follow it.  He wants to know my favorite story within his blog.  There are two: Seek and Go Hyde (Parts I, II, and III – anxiously awaiting the next part) and Breaking Leigh (Parts I – X).  And I adore them both for the same reasons – in my mind, these stories depict Scot at his most Dominant, and Leigh at her most submissive.  When I grow up, I want to have what Scot and Leigh have.

Now on to the other rules:

The Rules

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

10 questions, really?!  Well, I will try.

1. I am a really new submissive.  And I have found my Sir.

2. My favorite wine is Moscato D’Asti – I like the sweetness and the bubbles.  I’m such a girl about drinking – fruity drinks with umbrellas are my preferred way to get stupid drunk.  But Moscato is my way to relax.

3. I married the first man who ever told me he loved me.  Be shocked, it didn’t work out so well.  But, thanks to that little error in judgment, I am the mother to two beautiful little boys.  And I haven’t sold them to the gypsies yet.

4. I think about sex when I’m cooking dinner, driving down the road, sitting in my office, watching TV, talking on the phone with my family.  I may need to find a 12 step program – or a good man with a lot of stamina.

5. This list is really hard, and I’m only half way through.

6. My big bad dream in life is to get paid to write what I want to write, when I want to write it, where I want to write it.

7. I drive a hand-me-down 1996 Buick LeSabre (because it’s paid for) and I take great pleasure in parking next to BMWs, Mercedes, Lincolns, and the like.  My car looks a little better and I know I’ve made at least one person a little nervous that I might accidentally bump into their car door.

8. I’m giving up on this list – see #5.

Before I start nominating anyone, let me talk about the second (or is it third) award – then I’ll do all my awarding at the end.

Sextails (whom I have just discovered) awarded me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Awwww!  Thank you!

For this one, I’m supposed to say 10 things about myself.  Holy shit, see the sad attempt above, please.  I don’t think I can do this again.

I am truly honored for being thought well of by anyone in this amazing blogging communicating and completely humbled that anyone thinks highly enough of my writing to share an award with me.

Now, on to the awards – and no, there will not be 10 or 12.  Did you not see my sad attempt at listing stuff earlier?  And because the blogs I enjoy tend to be Beautiful, Amazing, and Inspiring, I will let them pick which one they want to claim (and they can have all three if they desire).

The Lion Resurrected – I’ve been where he is in his divorce, so I get him on that level.  And my submissive side enjoys his Dominant side very much.

A Dissolute Life Means – Hyacinth is amazing, even when she’s going through hell.  And I (along with several others) get the privilege of being her internet boyfriend until she finds one in the real world – and she only deserves the best.  Oh yeah, and she’s smokin’ hot!

Theo Black – Like Scot and Leigh at TDND, I want something like what Theo and L have, too – except without the distance, because we all know that sucks.  Mr. Black, you are an amazing writer.

Discovery – CC inspires me to be a better writer and often writes pieces that require a cold shower.

I would nominate the following, but they either nominated me or they don’t “do” awards, but you should read their stuff anyway:  The Dom Next Door (for obvious reasons), Kyle Mew, and Only Partly Erotic.

About the author

Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • Congrats. Well deserved, ma’am! Thank you for the nods. You do wonders for my confidence with your kind words. I think your writing is fabulous. 🙂

      • Lol. I’m always behind on awards, but I feel the love and hope to share it soon. Back to bed for me; I won’t tell you what to do.

        • LOL…I agree completely…one of those awards was from a week ago, and the only reason I did it tonight was because I received one today and felt guilty that I hadn’t responded to the other yet…

          I’ve got to sleep at some point…lol

  • Congratulations, you have been awarded the Hot Kiss Award. As recipient, please Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
    Post the award image to your page. It is here:
    Share 7 facts about yourself. (Not required but fun to do.)
    Nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about it.

    Tanga 🙂

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