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The Office

Guest post by Toy For Sir called The Office -- image of sexy woman talking on phone, bent over her desk.

Toy for Sir waited way too long for me to publish her guest blog post, but as it’s a New Year’s tale, this time of year ends up being perfect. Also, y’all know how I feel about kinky fuckery and this is filled with it.

It was New Year’s Eve 2013. The last person just left the office and we were alone. We were texting about what would be possible if we were alone at the end of the day. There was something so risky about fucking in his office. I’m sitting at the table in his office. In the chair my legs are crossed, and my arms are folded in front of me. I’m listening to him talk about music and playing songs he wants me to hear. In the middle of Foo Fighters’ song February Stars, still staring at the laptop and says,

“Uncross your legs and sit like my slut should.”

I obey. He stands up and walks around the desk. He slowly shuts the door and I hear the click of the lock turning to secure our privacy. He walks toward me. His hand reaches for my chin and he loosely take’s my face in his hand. Tilting my head and raising my face to his, he looks in my eyes. His hand moves to my throat and I feel his grip tighten.

“What are you?”

“Your slut Sir.”

“Good girl.”

“Suck my cock like I have taught you.”

“Yes Sir.”

I look to his cock, unzip his trousers and spread my mouth to take him in. I use my tongue to lick the tip and follow it to the base. Twirling my tongue to make sure I don’t miss any of his cock. My hands cup his balls and massage them while I suck and lick his cock. I feel his hand move to the back of my neck. I feel him apply pressure and he guides my head to where he wants my mouth to go. He pushes slowly, each time I take in more of his cock. I follow his direction. I moan as he pushes me closer to his body. His cock forcing its way down my throat. His size is difficult but delightful.

“Good girl, Toy. Just that way. Good girl.” I try to speak to thank him for the praise and he slaps my face.

“Do not stop to talk.” I nod.

“Get up and stand behind my desk facing the wall.”

“Yes Sir,” I say in a whisper.

“Take off your clothes, I want to see what you wore for me today.”

I remove my shirt and pants. I am standing in front of him now as he has moved to face me, leaning against the wall. The white bra and thong set with black lace is new. He has never seen it before. His face shows his approval. The room is dark with only a thin stream of light coming in through the window. He raises his phone to take a picture of me, letting me know he likes my lingerie choice.

“Sit on the desk and play with your pussy.”

“Yes Sir.” I look down and ease my fingers under my thong to my clit. The camera phone flashes, letting me know he is pleased.

“Look at me, Toy.”

“Yes Sir.” I move my clit back and forth.

“Lick your fingers, slut.” I close my lips around both of my fingers. Again, the flash of the camera phone lets me know he is pleased.

“Stand up, turn around and face the desk. Spread your legs and lean forward. Show me your ass.”

I feel his hand softly caress my ass. He slides a finger into the top band of my thong. He slaps my ass hard. Such a beautiful contrast to the soft gentle stroking I had just felt. I suck in air as the sting hits hard then fades away.

He steps closer to me and as he does I feel his cock slide inside me. Slowly at first as he wets his cock on the flow from my masturbation. I lean my ass toward him anxious to feel him all the way inside me. He slaps my ass.

“Patience Toy, patience.” He moves his body closer to me and I moan with a little scream as I feel him move into me with all his cock. His cock feels harder than ever and the heat seems to melt me from the inside out. I feel the walls of my pussy stretch to take him in. I feel the tear and stretch of my skin. It is a sting a cherish. One of the signs of how long it has been since he has been inside me. I must always stretch to receive him.

His hands are tighter around my thighs keeping me in place. I can’t move. He has me sternly stable with my thighs pinned between the desk and his body. My breath is fast and hard. His thrusting grows harder and faster. With each thrust I am lifted off my feet to my tip toes. My clit is swollen, and I feel the juices from my pussy running down my leg.

“Do I have your permission to come?” I am breathless.

“We will come together Toy. Are you ready now?”

“Yes Sir, I am ready.”

He thrusts hard into me. He slams his hips against my ass and his cock goes fully inside me. The thickness of his cock stretches me one last time and he stays deep inside me. Our bodies do not lose touch with each other and I feel his convulsions as his come mixes with mine. I close around his cock milking him of every drop of his come. We stay pressed together, allowing our joint orgasm to linger and then finish. We are breathless. Our come mixed together as it slowly seeps out of me and runs down my legs.

“Happy New Year, Toy.”

“Happy New Year, Sir.”

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