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I’m Obsessing About Community #podcast

Aaaaaand life feels normal again now that we’re recording Loving BDSM podcast episodes and planning future ones. Of course, it’s not completely normal because there’s an entire website and an online community and a new email program, too…

What the hell am I talking about? To get the details, you’ll need to listen to this week’s episode about the importance of community. But basically, I’m in an obsessive love affair with the need for kinky communities (online or in-person).

I’ve probably taken it to an unhealthy level (see: new website, community, email program, etc, etc, etc.). John Brownstone and I both believe communities are what help us grow and learn, keep us out of trouble (most of the time), and remind us that we’re not alone in the kink thing that we do. Of course we’re putting our money where our mouths are (both literally and figuratively).

Listen to this week’s episode to find out for yourselves!

From the show:

  • Is the kinky community important? We think so
  • Some people feel like it has to be in real life.
  • Others prefer online communities. We prefer both.
  • Speaking of communities, we have so many postcards!
  • Loving BDSM is now an online community for kinksters who want to know more about D/s whether you’re in a relationship or not.
  • We’ve got forums, topics, and a suggestion box (it’s a forum, lol). We’re already getting suggestions and making a list of things to tweak and add.
  • Sign up for the newsletter and get blog posts, show notes, and more sent to you once a week.
  • Join our new program: 30 Days of D/s
  • There’s a story for our Instagram name and why isn’t not @LovingBDSM as it should be but @loving_ds (ugh!)

Listen to the show:


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