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Punished #MasturbationMonday

She should have known her sassy mouth would get her in trouble one day. Cheeky teasing — that was her thing. He usually loved it but calling him “literally, a mother fucker” probably wasn’t her best move.

In her defense, he fucked her all the time and she was someone’s mother. Saying it in front of their kinky friends was the real mistake.


Here she was, tied spread-eagle on their table – where the people who made her a mother liked to color and draw – watching him. The sure movement of his hand, the thickness of his cock, and the suit – he’d set it up to make sure she was as teased and tormented as humanly possible.

Her mouth watered. Her cunt ached. Her body burned.

She wanted him. She wanted all of him.

And that was her punishment. He wasn’t going to let her have any of it.

His cock oozed one perfect drop. It sat on the tip of his shaft, taunting her.

Oh, to go back in time and keep her mouth shut. If she had, her mouth would be wide open right now, filled with his warm steely flesh, her throat coated in his briny come. Her orgasm would be almost guaranteed.

Now? Now, she would be tortured and ignored. Maybe, if she cried and begged enough, he might touch her, but there’d be no orgasm for her tonight. He’d made that clear as he tied her to the table. Each infraction had been detailed. Her sassy mouth. His friends. The words she’d used.

Damn it.

Dampness covered every inch of her skin, especially that part of her. Her pussy dribbled its need onto the table beneath her. He’d chuckle when he saw it later, maybe tell her to lick it up. Maybe not. He might even deny that pleasure to her, too.

If only he would come a little closer. Her mouth opened, her tongue darted out. Trained to worship his cock whenever she saw it, her body hadn’t caught up with what her mind knew. No matter how wide she opened her mouth, he was not going to let her taste him.

The punishment was two-fold — she couldn’t touch him, and he wouldn’t touch her. All she could do was watch. Worse, when he came, he’d spray jizz all over her face and then send her back out to the party so his friends could see she wasn’t even allowed to taste him.

Humiliation and need burned brightly. Her body trembled as she anticipated what was about to happen. The first pearly drop had been replaced over and over again. His cock was a deep purple and more swollen than she’d ever seen it. Clearly, he was enjoying this.

His breathing changed. He was so close.

She gasped as the first spurt of hot liquid hit her skin. He avoided her face, sending disappointment washing over her. She’d been sure she might get a taste of him. Even a small one would be better than nothing. As usual, he knew her better than she did. No, he’d paint her naked body with his seed before sending her back out.

Zzzzip. Clink.


Wait, what? Where had he gone? Was he just going to leave her there? For how long?

That’s when she realized what the real punishment was. It wasn’t simply watching him jack off or even being sprayed with his come.  She wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the humiliation of their friends knowing how she’d been punished. She was being left in here, by herself, unable to feel other eyes on her naked skin or to have witnesses to her punishment.

Tears dripped from the corner of her eyes. This was the meanest thing he could have done to her.

Now she really did want to call him a “motherfucker” but she’d never be sassy or stupid enough to do it again – for real or to tease. Never. It wasn’t worth it.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Today is the two-year mark of the best damn day of the whole fucking week. That’s right, Masturbation Monday is two! So, I thought we all deserved a little kinky torture (pure fiction, of course) that works with the prompt – which was sooooo good this week. Make sure to go check out the other writer’s smut this week. I know these sexy fuckers – they’re going to bring the heat this week. Enjoy!

Masturbation Monday

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