Masturbation Monday

Three in the Morning

At three in the morning, sleep is easily interrupted. Cries penetrate the darkness.

What was that? What’s happening? Where am I?

His steely, velvety shaft throbs against my body.

Fingers pluck and strum, tweak and thrum.

My foggy mind tries to make sense of it all.


I slip back into sleep.

His hand grips my hair, pulling me back.

I grunt. My eyes refuse to open.

But my body is willing.

The sultry heat pouring from his skin burns. Sweat beads. The smell of desire surrounds us.

My brain cannot command speech. There is no begging for orgasms, begging for permission, begging to come. My hips buck, once, twice, a third time.

Dipping insistent fingers between my thighs, the squelching sound of my desire is loud in the darkness.

His cock twitches, seeking the dark heat.

One thrust.

A second.

A third.

He growls his release into the pillow…and my body.

These are the things that happen at three in the morning.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! For the record, at six in the morning, I looked at him and said, “Really? Three o’clock in the morning?! Why were you up so early??” Ahhh, the eroticism and reality of our life. Okay, y’all, go forth and enjoy this, the best of all days. Make sure to enter this week’s giveaway from Intimate Melody (it’s open to anyone anywhere, no geographic limitations this week) plus, if you don’t like giveaways or you want more than the Lava 3 in 1 being offered as a prize, you can go to the Intimate Melody website, use the code IMKAYLA20, and save 20% now through 5/20/16. Sweet! 

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Masturbation Monday


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