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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

This week’s set of questions from TMI Tuesday, immediately made me think of this:



And now I can’t stop singing it to myself. So feel free to sing along while you read.

1. Sex. What are your areas of expertise?

I don’t consider myself an expert on sex, but if moans, growls, and hair pulling are any indication, I’m pretty good at blowjobs and doing this thing when he’s got his cock buried deep in my pussy that drives him wild. Basically, I kegel, and he quivers from head to toe – and then growls in the way I love the best.

2. How long have you been having sex?

That’s really a two-part question. I lost my virginity when I was 18 so I’ve been having sex for nearly 18 years. But I’ve only had good sex since I was 32.

3. What time of day do you prefer to have sex?
a. morning
b. afternoon
c. night

Answer (another two-fer): All of the above OR whenever we can. That whole raising kids things sometimes requires you to get creative about when you have sex.

4. Do you charge for sex? Money or some other means of payment?

No, I don’t.

5. How long does your average sexual encounter last?

I’m not sure it ever really stops. John Brownstone and I are very sexual together, so even our daily interactions are infused with some sensuousness or sexuality. But if you mean a sexual encounter in the bedroom when we’re ready to have sex – on average, 30 minutes from start to finish. It’s been months since we had time for anything longer.

6. Do you have a safe word? What is it?

Definitely. We use the green-yellow-red method, so red is the safe word for everything to stop.

Bonus: Ever had sex so good you broke things or something?

Le sigh, yes. Our dearly departed ping pong paddle was broken during a particularly intense scene at the club. He was beating my ass, and the damn thing broke after a pretty hard swat. We haven’t gotten rid of it yet but it doesn’t work quite as well as it used to. And yes, BDSM scenes are part of our sex life – we might not actually have sex during a scene but it’s definitely a part of our sex life.


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