Wicked Wednesday

Just the Two of Us #WickedWednesday

It’s the two of us against the world. Don’t you see that? Me and you, you and me, together. Forever.

I won’t let you go. Not ever. You’re mine. We’re a team. We’re meant to be together. If I have to let you go, I’ll die. And so will you. You know that, right?

You can’t live without me. You shouldn’t live without me. I’ll make sure we never live without the other.

Why do you look nervous? Am I making you nervous? I love you. I only want the best for you. You know that, right?

Don’t pull away from me. You’re breaking my heart. You’re all I ever wanted. And I’ve tried to be the perfect man for you. Can’t you see all I’ve done for you?

Look around this room. I painted it your favorite color. Here’s a stack of your favorite movies. Look! I loaded all your favorite music onto an iPod. And, I’ve boxes of books, just for you. All for you.

Get that fucking look out of your eyes. I’m not a monster. I’m the man who loves you more than anyone else. Don’t. Look. Away. Damn it! Now you’re making me mad.

Do you know what happens when I get angry? It hurts so much when I get angry. Don’t piss me off, okay? You don’t want that. Neither do I. I don’t want to have to punish you. I will, but it’ll just hurt us both. So don’t make me do anything I’m going to regret later, okay?

I did all this for you, you ungrateful bitch. I love you, and I know you love me back. I saw the way you looked at me every timeΒ I stopped in for coffee. You wanted me, I know you did. I still remember all the little smiley faces you drew on my cup. I knew that was a secret message from you to me. The sign that you loved me. You still love me, you just don’t know it.

It’s going to be the two of us forever. Here in this room. In our secret place away from everyone else. I’ll make you happy, you’ll see. And you’ll learn to make me happy, too. I’ll teach you how. And if you refuse to learn, I’ll punish you until you get it right.

We’re going to be so happy together, just the two of us. Forever.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! So when I saw this week’s prompt – Two – apparently, a stalker appeared in my head and needed to get his message out. Whoa. That was wild. But fun. Hmmm, maybe there’s something more there. We shall see. Okay, go forth and enjoy more of this very Wicked Wednesday.

Wicked Wednesday

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