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A Voracious Appetite #MasturbationMonday #SpankA2Z

A child-free evening, no early wake-up time the next morning, and the need to burn off a bit of tension – it was the set up for a wild ride.

We watched the sunset. We grabbed a light dinner. We finished the evening drinking coffee and zoning out on our phones. For a moment, I worried we would go to bed too late.

On my hands and knees at his feet just before bed, I wiggled my ass and giggled, sure he had something up his sleeve. He pushed my head to the floor. Quiet dominance is more erotic than any overt action. I was hot and wet in an instant.

First, the dragon’s tail. He slapped it across my ass. It felt good, soothing. He twisted the handle, and the edge landed on fiery skin. I squeaked and whimpered – some of his favorite sounds. It only propelled him. Faster and faster, the blows landed anywhere and everywhere. I twisted and turned to get away from the stings. He didn’t stop.

Between sharp smacks, he traced my cunt with the tip. I sighed in pleasure. He pressed the handle against my slit. I groaned. He rained blows down on my ass until I collapsed on the floor, unable to hold my kneeling position. He didn’t stop.

Punches fell on my back and ass. I melted into the floor, boneless from what those thuds do to my mind and body. He changed the rhythm. Punches. Smacks. Punches. Slaps. Punches. Leather dragging along my wet cunt. Oh God, it was delicious.

When he finished, he helped me to my feet. I tried to crawl into the bed, but my legs wouldn’t cooperate. He manuevered me into the sheets and flipped me onto my back. I knew what was coming.

He spread my legs wide and tilted my hips back. Oh God, it had been so long.

He dove down between my thighs, licking and tasting. I screeched and writhed against him, my hands holding the top of his head.

His tongue darted against my sensitive clit, never staying in one spot for long. The sensations were too much. I pulled away time and time again.

He forced my legs apart and tasted every fold, every dip, every ounce of moisture.

I came.

And came.

And came into his mouth. Juices squirting and gushing down his throat.

He pinched my nipples as he sucked my clit. He fucked me with his tongue as he bruised my thighs with a fierce grip. I screamed my pleasure.

Pulling away, he looked down at me, a gleam in his eyes.

I felt his cock, hard and pulsing, against my pussy. He slapped it against my clit. My hips arched forward as the orgasm crashed into me. He thrust into my open, waiting body. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. I heard a growl deep inside of his body. I hoped to hold him there, only to catch my breath.

He began to move, faster and faster. His cock only barely grazed my g-spot in that position, but it was enough. My body squeezed his in a vice grip. He shuddered and moaned.

Orgasms hit me in waves. My body melted into the bed.

As he thrust in and out, he pulled back and pressed one finger against my clit. I exploded into a million pieces. He didn’t stop.

Somewhere in the haze of orgasms and lusty fucking, I found myself on my side, his body pressed against mine. He pulled my hips into his pelvis and pushed into my slippery folds. His hips moved at a frantic pace. Too spent to move, I simply moaned into the blankets.

A familiar growly groan filled the room and he stiffened against my body. To my surprise, I felt heat rushing through my body, his hot cum, I’m sure.

Recovery required several still moments. Both incapable of speech, we managed to pull ourselves apart and settle in for the night. Just before sleep slammed into me, I thought, “Good gawd, that man is voracious.”

V is voracious, y’all. Because he is, because I am, because it’s deliciously hawt. It’s Masturbation Monday and the tail-end of Spanking A to Z. Finding some smutty goodness to read shouldn’t be all that hard. Go forth, read the smut. Share the smut. Get off on the smut. 

A Voracious Appetite

A Voracious Appetite

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