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Hitting My Erogenous Zones #MasturbationMonday

He’d tried to wake me up for a middle-of-the-night romp, and it just didn’t happen. Blame it on the two big glasses of wine I drank right before bed or a nagging pain in my upper back from the past several days, but what little memory I had of his warm touch was hazy and mostly punctuated by memories of pain in my arms and back every time I rolled over.

Unable to sleep, as usual, he was up and out of the bed before the sun came up. When I finally woke up, it was as he entered our bedroom and locked the door behind him. The sounds of little boys who rise early and play hard drifted in through the walls. With the blinds and curtains shut, our bedroom was a dark and cool safe haven away from the realities of a weekend morning with two children. I was content to keep it that way a little longer.

Coming back to bed, he was quick to wrap me in a warm embrace. My bottom nestled into his groin. I smiled a little as I drifted off again. His cock twitched against my flesh, gentle but insistent. I heard a soft growl just as his fingers settled over one nipple. Soft circles and strokes sent gentle tremors through my body. I kept still, enjoying the sensations, unsure of what he might do next. Instead of the usual pinches and tweaks that often cause me to whimper and writhe in his arms, his touch remained light.

When I felt his breath in my ear, I knew what would come next. The knowledge didn’t stop the quiver that began deep down and built until my hands shook. His tongue lapped at the whorls of my ear. His teeth lightly nibbled my sensitive earlobe. As if my ears and my clit were one, I felt warmth and moisture pool between my thighs. He pinned me to him as the fingers gently playing with my nipple became more insistent and the tongue on my ear moved down to the back of my neck. Light teasing nips were followed by long, lapping swipes of his tongue. I shuddered and mewled softly.

My legs parted, desperate for a different touch. My hips gently moved forward as if begging for something. He ignored my quiet insistence and continued to move from ear to neck and back again until my mewls turned to whimpers. Shifting slightly, he covered my mouth with one hand and traced a pattern down my shoulder and belly to my open thighs. My hips lifted in response.

Gently, oh so gently, his finger found my swollen clit and softly stroked the sensitive flesh. I sighed with pleasure. My thighs spread further apart, silently begging for more. A quick stroke down my slit sent me into spasms. Finally, he settled on torturing my clitoris until I writhed in his arms, keening. When I drew near, I could only sputter. “Please….p-p-pl…please, Daddy.”

Feeling kind, he didn’t force the words out of me.

“Cum for me, babygirl.”

Sweet release. My toes curled as my body arched. His grip remained firm and kept my back firmly against his chest. I threw my head back wishing I could scream my pleasure, managing only a soft, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” as sweet, wet heat flooded the bed beneath us.

A moment to catch my breath was all I was granted before he rolled me onto my back and positioned himself on top of me. I could feel the tip of his cock hovering just over my slit. He bent his head down to suck and nip at my neck. I became a wild woman, bucking against his pelvis, desperate for him to fill me completely. My wish was granted but not before his tongue and teeth had their way with my neck and ear again.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! As you can imagine, an excellent fucking ensued. What stood out to me was how he hit my erogenous zones in a completely different way than usual. Sweet torture is still torture, in case you wondered. Rawr! So if you think this is hot (and gosh, I hope you do), you’ll want to go check out the rest of the Masturbation Monday posts for this week!

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