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The Next Sir and Babygirl is So Close #amwriting

All the stories for the next Sir and Babygirl book are in the beta reading process right now. I am so close to getting this one done and off my list – which will free me up to work on three other projects I have on my mind. Including the reader’s choice short story – I haven’t forgotten that one, I promise!

Until then, here’s an excerpt from the next set of Sir and Babygirl adventures…

With each tug, Babygirl felt the rope tighten across her body. She sighed in pleasure. Not stopping his work, Sir looked up at her with an inquisitive look.

“It feels like I’m being hugged.” He smiled in understanding and bent down to the task at hand.

Still new to rope bondage, Babygirl didn’t always understand what Sir was doing. Looping this way, pulling that way, the rope work was a mystery. She realized she could have asked what he planned to do but not knowing was part of the excitement.

Babygirl looked at herself in the mirror, noting the contrast between her pale skin and the dark blue of the rope. She pretended not to see the bulging flesh between the knots. He believes me to be beautiful so I am.

“Where’s your mind, Babygirl?” Sir’s fingers never stopped their knot-making, and he never looked up from his work, but his attention had been fully on her the entire time.

Her mouth opened and shut for a few seconds. She didn’t know how to answer his question without facing his possible displeasure with the answer.

“Babygirl.” His voice held a clear warning. There was no getting out of this.

She took a deep breath before answering. Exhaling, the words came out in a rush. “I was thinking that the rope doesn’t look as good on me as it does on models or the girls at the club, and I decided it didn’t matter if I don’t think I’m beautiful because you do, and you’re Sir.”

“All that, huh?” Sir sounded like he was smiling, although Babygirl couldn’t see his face. “Well, you got one thing right, I know you’re beautiful, and you better get used to it – because I am Sir.”

Bowing her head, Babygirl blushed. They’d been together for nearly a year but she still wasn’t convinced that he was right about her beauty.

She felt a tug on the rope against her labia and hissed. He looped the rope so that it slipped right into her body. Coupled with the growing pressure from the tightening bonds, Babygirl was fast becoming ready for more.

Satisfied with the quality of the knots and her reaction, he turned Babygirl so that she stared at her reflection in the mirror while he continued. Tilting her head to the side, she watched Sir work. He pulled out another length of blue rope and began wrapping it around her waist, building mysterious loops. Her curiosity grew as she watched.

“Um, Sir? What’s the plan for the next bit of rope?”

He chuckled and murmured, “You’ll see soon enough, Babygirl.” She knew better than to press him.

Shifting her weight from foot to foot, she tried to keep her mind blank. A good submissive waiting on the pleasure of her Sir, that’s me. Yep, accepting whatever he decides. Flexing her fingers and wiggling her toes, Babygirl swayed back and forth.

SMACK! She squeaked as his hand connected with her flank.

“Stop squirming, Babygirl, now.”

She nodded and stopped fidgeting. The soles of her feet throbbed a bit. Her nose itched. She fought between the urge to fidget and the need to obey Sir. She sighed and received a warning look. Gulping, Babygirl stared into the mirror, willing herself to be still.

“There, all done, Babygirl.” He sat back on his haunches, hands on his thighs, and looked up at her. She saw the glint in Sir’s eyes and knew he wasn’t done by a long shot.

Standing up, Sir pulled her into his arms, giving her a small squeeze. Letting go with a small pat to her backside, he walked to the end of the bed and rummaged in the toy chest. She couldn’t help but wonder what her mother would think if she knew the hope chest she gave Babygirl as a teenager had been repurposed into a kinky toy chest filled with all kinds of implements for pleasure and torture.

Turning around, Babygirl gasped when she saw what Sir chose. The wand, the fucking wand. Her eyes widened as she realized what the “extra bit of rope” was for. He’d made a harness. She felt the moisture pool between her thighs as sweat beaded on her forehead. She wanted the orgasmic power of the wand, but she was scared of it.

“Get on the bed, Babygirl. On your back.” Slowly, she walked to the bed. His hand gripped her arm to help her climb on the bed without disturbing his ropework. Settling into the bed, she stared at the ceiling, feeling like a sacrificial lamb. Maybe I am, maybe I’m his sacrifice.

Yeah, this one was a fun story to write. It’s nice to live with your muse, ya know?

Ok, for anyone who still hasn’t gotten their copy of The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl and read about the beginning of their relationship, here you go:

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