Masturbation Monday

His Desires #MasturbationMonday

He wrapped his arms around me as his pelvis ground into my ass. I wiggled, inviting him to do whatever he would. Moments later, he was inside me, thrusting in and out. I floated along in the familiar pattern, loving the feeling of his steely hardness pushing through my soft folds.

He grabbed my hair and pulled out of me. Twisting my head, forcing me to roll over towards him, he shoved my mouth over his cock. I gagged on the length of him but he refused to let me up as he exploded in the back of my throat.

I swallowed and then cleaned his cock with my tongue.

“Good girl.” Shivers of delight ran through my body.

The day started and, as always, was busy and hectic. Work, errands, children…life.

He called me from work as he usually does. We discussed this and that until…

“Tonight, I’m going to lick that pussy like an ice cream cone. I’m going to taste you and lap up every bit of your juices.”

Shivers, lots of shivers.

That night, late to bed, hours of work done to prepare for our weekend trip, exhausted, he shoved my shirt around my waist and buried his face between my thighs.

The ย sensations were so intense that my legs tried to close. With a firm grip, he spread me wide.

His tongue licked. It tapped. He stroked, sucked, nibbled, and teased.

I came…and came…and came. Great gushes of fluid. Warm trickles. Body-convulsing shudders. Silent screaming that left my throat hoarse.

One hand held his head in place, the other reached for nothing, bracing itself on open air.

Hours, maybe only minutes later, he’d wrung me dry. I was weak with shaky knees.

“Get up, girl. You still have a few things to do downstairs.”

I whined for a moment, praying for leniency, receiving none. Standing up, my face became hot as I realized my shirt was soaked. Cum dripped from the lace edging that skimmed the back of legs. He laughed loudly at the size of the wet spot. He chuckled at my embarrassment as I walked downstairs with cold droplets dogging my every step.

A few minutes later, I was back upstairs. One of our thickest towels covered my wet spot. I changed pajamas as he settled himself on the towel. Snuggled in his arm’s, I fell asleep – satisfied, relaxed, and looking forward to his next desire.

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