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All things considered, it could have been worse. She could be dead on the side of the road. She could have inadvertently come across a serial killer. Instead she was bored out of her mind, listening to this asshole drone on and on about his big real estate deal. Not that he could tell her any details, of course. It was all confidential.

Yeah, right. She didn’t even try to stifle a yawn. The bartender placed a fresh drink in front of her. She smiled at him. “Thank you! How did you know I wanted another?”

He looked over at the asshole who’d already turned away to talk to a blonde chick who’s tits were barely contained by a small piece of hot pink lycra. Smirking, he replied, “I figured you needed something to make this night go faster.”

“Ain’t that the truth.” She looked around the restaurant. How in the hell had she gotten roped into a speed-dating event? Shit, why were people still putting themselves through this? I’d rather deal with the dumbasses online. Then she remembered the latest pithy email that had come in this morning and decided online dating was just as bad as this…this cattle-call of desperate singles.

She mentally shook herself and looked around. Everywhere lonely men and women were pretending to connect on the most superficial level. The bell rang signalling a change. She didn’t move. Satisfied with nursing her drink and people-watching, she knew this wasn’t the thing for her, either. Online or in-person, she just wasn’t cut out for an impersonal dating scene.

“Hey, I’m about to be done here. Wanna bail on this and get a bite to eat?”

Her head whipped around. “What kind of bartender ends his shift before eight at night?” She gave him a long look. “And why me? This place is filled with gorgeous women.”

He laughed. “When you own the joint, you work the hours you want. And the place is filled with women with their tits pushed out in pure desperation.” Her eyebrow raised a bit at this. “You might be desperate – desperate enough to say yes to my offer – but you definitely don’t belong in this crowd.” He nodded towards the knots of couples around the room.

Sitting back in her seat a little, she openly appraised him. Tall, wiry, tattoos peeking out from this shirt sleeve, and warm, brown eyes. She liked his eyes. She liked his shaved head and earring too. She realized he was checking her out, too. His look said he liked what he saw, too. She smiled a little, blushing. The look on his face changed. Her body reacted immediately. She knew he was imagining her without her clothes, and she liked that, too.

“Let’s get out of here.” Her voice came out in a husky whisper. He smirked.

Yeah, all things considering, tonight could be much worse.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday. The prompt this week was pretty open. It was just the words Consider(ing). Before I knew it, a scene emerged.

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