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What Would I Wish For #WickedWednesday

What would I do if I was granted three wishes? Have you ever thought about what you’d do? I have, but I’ve never thought of it in terms of wishes being granted – what if I won the lottery? What if I could do whatever I want? What if there were no limits?

What would I wish for if I could have anything I wanted?

I would wish to follow my passions in work and in life without fear of failure. That doesn’t mean I’d stop being cautious and thinking about probable outcomes. But even knowing that I might fail, I’d live my dreams.

I would wish to know real love. Not “true” love (whatever that means), not even forever love – nothing is truly forever. Real love. The kind of love that is with you when you’re sick in bed, feeling like you could die; the kind of love that is with you when you try and fail, try and fail, and finally try and succeed; the kind of love that kisses you when you have morning breath with the same amount of passion found during love-making.

I would wish for my children and their children to have the same – follow their passions and know real love.

Somewhere along the way in life, I stopped wishing for more money, a better house, a nicer car, more clothes, whatever. Yes, those things would be nice, and if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll take it. But really, I just want to be happy in my skin, doing what I love, surrounded by the people who love me for me.

The reality is that I don’t need to wish for those things – none of us do. Sometimes, you have to close your eyes and take a leap of faith – and you can have everything you want. If you’re willing to work hard enough for it.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt asked a simple question. What do you do with three wishes? 

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  • We were talking about wishes on chat the other day. I said I wish Jolynn could stay home and write all she wanted. Retire early from her stressful job that is making her have chronic exhaustion and seizures. After that we would move to somewhere warm, her choice is Tennessee, and have her farm/ette so she could have a kink sanctuary for people.

    We don’t play the lottery so I hope those four years fly super fast for her. Then we could get on with the wishes. I told her when we were sitting on the couch after dinner.

  • What a thought provoking question this morning Kayla. I have often thought about winning the lottery, and how my life would change. But honestly I have never concicdered the idea of three wishes. I too would want to wish for true real love, however would add the the word continued! Because I am luckily already bound to the man of my dreams, and soul mate. So wish number one would need to be continued true real love. Second I would ask for loyal friendships. Friends seem to come and go from our lives all the time, but the loyal ones never leave you. They are there in a blink when you need them, and after time spent apart you pick back up as if you were never apart. Little Bo Peep is this kind of friend to me, she is always there, I only need to reach for her, she has taught me what a loyal friendship looks like, and I can’t imagine a day in which she somehow doesn’t touch my life. My last wish would of course be about money, not a lot but enough to be comfortable, and have no worries.
    It’s funny…. A bigger house doesn’t interest me, because I’m at the stage in life where I’d like to downsize, and a better car, no there too, as I rather spend the money somewhere else. The materialistic things, might bring us some happiness but it is short lived, and don’t hold value for long, so why bother?
    Fun post Kayla…. I’ll probably think of other things all day now that would, or should have been in my list!!
    Hugs girl, Mynx

  • It is fascinating to realize how much our desires and needs change over the years- a once ambitious plan can sometimes end up a lot of work, and unless it is a labor of love- it can get overwhelming.

    • Very true. My labors right now are those of love and feel almost easy and too good to be true. I think that means I’m headed in the right direction. 🙂

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