The Therapy #Spanking I Didn’t Know I Needed #Dominance & #Submission

He arrived for a visit when I couldn’t take time off from work, when I couldn’t create private time for us. The most vanilla visit we’ve had to date; I never wore my collar or cuffs, and we were rarely alone. My mouth was beginning to get me in trouble almost every day. There were nights we didn’t even have sex, let alone a little BDSM rough and tumble play.

I was out of sorts. And I didn’t even know it.

I took my Daddy to meet my mom and stepfather. The visit went well – I was never truly worried about him. My mother wants me to be happy, and my stepfather doesn’t want to see me repeat mistakes. And Daddy is very good for me on a lot of levels. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he fixed their computer while he was there.

I knew our only chance at some alone time was a date night, and thankfully, my mother agreed to watch the boys. In past visits, our dates have been an occasion to dress up and eat at a nice restaurant. I didn’t really want that this time, and I asked for a casual movie and dinner date. Daddy and I are of one mind about a lot of things. And movie-watching requires popcorn and a drink – no matter what, is one of those areas.

The day before Daddy promised me something else that night – a spanking. I wriggled like a puppy at the thought. I love the feeling of his hands on my body, especially my bare ass, especially with the kiss of pain. I needed the spanking – I just had no idea how much.

My family had given us the use of a small apartment on their property, affectionately known as the “cottage,” for our stay, granting us much needed privacy. When we returned from our night out, Daddy did not hesitate before he swatting my ass to warm my body up for the night ahead.

We walked into the bedroom and while Daddy moved through the room, preparing everything for the night ahead, I crawled onto the bed on my knees. My rational brain understood that I was presenting my ass for him; my baser self only wanted to curl up without truly understanding why.

The swats and smacks began in earnest. I cried out with each one, although not in true pain. I felt the pain, but it was a sweet sensation.

The floor was tiled, and I could hear the clicking of his shoes as he walked around, appraising me.

“Strip, girl. I want you naked.”

Without a word, I complied. Naked in front of him, I trembled as I watched him uncoil a length of rope. Rope is still new to me, and I can never imagine what exactly he will do with it. He bound me in a way that forced rope deep inside my pussy. As I felt the rope tighten across my entire body, my mind slipped away a little further. The thoughts and worries that consume my waking mind were gone. Left in their wake was a strong sense of peace.

Directed to lay across the bed, my ass suitably exposed for his pleasure, I closed my eyes, unsure of what would happen. In a deep recess of my mind, I told myself to ride the waves of pain as they happened; don’t struggle. I’d been struggling against pain all week, for reasons I didn’t understand.

I felt the sharp sting of the floggers’ kisses within seconds. The Devil and his brother were out, and Daddy was just getting started. For a while, he moved across my ass, hitting different spots with each swing. The pain is deep but bearable when he does this. Unbearable pain comes from speed, intensity, and no movement across my flesh. First, he flogged one cheek until I shrieked and moved to get away from the pain. Then, he moved to the other. Over and over again, he refused to let up. The pain seared through my body and my brain.

I breathed hard, keening and wailing with each strike. I relaxed and preened against him each time he stopped to lovingly rub my sore bottom. I shrieked and writhed when he pulled the rope, rubbing the cords across my swollen, wet lips.

I could feel the force of the impact long before I felt the pain by the whooshing sound as the flogger moved through the air. Sweat covered my body. My hair stuck to my face, wet with sweat and drool. My mouth hung open, alternating between screams and slack-jawed exhaustion.

Finally, I could take no more of the Devil and his brother. I slid from the bed to the floor, kneeling at Daddy’s feet, crying and trembling. I wanted desperately to brought low, and lower still, but my mind was a babbling mess, and I couldn’t tell him what I needed.

Daddy walked across the room, the clicking of his shoes on the tile floor echoed in my ears. I refused to move from my position until he indicated he wanted me to move. I heard him take off his belt, the tell-tale jingle of the buckle giving his intentions away. My body shook violently. My breath came in gasps. I was scared, but I would not use my safeword. I knew I was scared of the unknown.


Daddy cracked his belt just by my ear. I screamed and cried, covering my head as I shivered on the floor at his feet.

“What a reaction, girl. I haven’t even touched you with my belt yet.”


The sound made me jump, and I still hadn’t been touched. I sobbed harder.


I shrieked with pain, still crying. It felt like he’d hit me with the edge of the belt, although he assured me later he hadn’t.


Intellectually, I knew the blows weren’t landing as hard as they could have, that he was holding back. My baser self cried and screamed, cowering and yet never using the one word that would stop everything.

Finally, it was over. He knelt on the floor by my side, stroking my back, and whispering words of love. Slowly, very slowly, I calmed down and the tears ceased. Daddy helped me stand and held me close. My legs couldn’t hold me, and I laughed hysterically for no reason.

Subspace. A beautiful place to be.

Daddy gave me water, hugs, and kisses. He put me to bed and tucked me in. He took care of me when I couldn’t care for myself. And, I realized later, he’d given me something I didn’t realize I’d needed – a therapy spanking. There was no sex that night. There were no orgasms or sticky messes.

But my mind was still and quiet, finally at peace. And even in the haziness of my flying mind, I knew I wanted to be brought even lower for him and by him. I wanted to submit more completely than I ever had before. I had no idea I would achieve that the next night without even trying.

Post updated: July 26, 2017

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  • I find it amazing that the kiss of pain, and our Sirs Dominance can clear our minds and right all the wrongs in our worlds. I had a horrible day at work yesterday, when I came home Sir was here and I knelt at his feet and sobbed, and told him of my upset. He immediately took control, directed me totally for the next few hours till our kids left for their evening. Once alone I received a therapy spanking, along with a few G-spot orgasms, and a couple of forced orgasms with his wand. He then put me in a hot bath, then to bed. And this morning he took his pleasure. I told you all that to tell you this…. Today my mind is clear, the emotional drain I had attached to me yesterday is gone. Today I am renewed and fulfilled through Sir’s Dominance.
    Today I am counting the many blessings of the D/s journey we are on. As I know you are for the Daddy/little girl journey you have embarked on!

    Hugs friend! Mynx

  • I’ve heard the idea of therapy spankings mentioned, but haven’t experienced it. I’ve not been with anyone who has pushed beyond what I consider pleasurable pain.

    • It’s not something I have ever asked for. He knows me well enough to know when I need a little slap and tickle and when I need to have my ass beat. This was an ass-beating day.

      You just have to find the right one.

  • Yes I could tell what you needed, I could see it building up in you for days.
    As for the belt I only gave a couple smacks with it, mostly all noise. That alone was enough.

  • I am on the giving side and must admit a good spanking always meant pleasure for both but never thought of it as a therapy. When Princess told me some time ago spanking or whipping cleared her head, calmed her down and took the stress of a bad day away I found it hard to believe. Since then Princess has, on a few occasions, after a really shitty day, asked for a, well, a-sexual spanking. Yes, it helps her unwind, putting things in perspective and makes her focus on what is really important.
    Great post Kayla!

    • Spankings clear my mind…but pain clears it as well. Sometimes pinching my nipple (under orders, of course) will do the trick. But a therapy spanking brings me to tears which releases a lot of pent up of emotion and stress. 🙂

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