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Sexual Meditations

At the advice of a good friend, I meditate each night for five minutes, following along with a recording from a therapist. She has the best voice – soothing, melodic, British (I adore accents). Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it does calm me down in a way that I find surprising. And over the past few weeks, I find myself ย able to concentrate more during the day. Although the point of the meditation is to focus, and for me, I focus on my breath, I always find my thoughts wandering…

I love my legs over a man’s shoulders. The tightness in my muscles, the pounding in my cunt…Mmmmm…

Breathing. Deep breathing.

Ohhhh, when I spread my legs wide this morning after I came, the cool air felt so good. I wonder if I would like ice? Brrrr, it may hurt, though…ooohhhh, but I might like that…

Thought wandered. Breathing. Focus on the breath.

I want to look into a man’s eyes while my mouth is wrapped around his dick. The burning in my thighs, the pain in my neck from looking up at that angle…mmmm, the silky smooth feeling of a cock in my mouth. God, I love sucking cock, nibbling, kissing, licking. Choking, gagging…mmmmmm….

Shit. Breathing. In through the nose, out through the nose. Focus.

I want to be grabbed by my hair and yanked backwards. I want the pain in my head and the pain in my back. It makes me cry, but the fucking in my pussy always feels so good. I wonder how long I could hold a position like that (or be held, as the case may be)? ย God, hearing the growls of a man taking what he wants. Ohhhhh, that would be delicious. The bed would be soaked after that…mmmm, then I could sleep in a puddle.

Breathing, breathing. Oh, there are the bells. Guess we’re done for the night.

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