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A Night of Firsts

It certainly wasn’t the first time I made myself come.  It wasn’t the first time I fell asleep in a puddle of my own come.  And I can’t even say it was the first time I found my g-spot (I really think I should name it).  It was still a night of firsts.

I had no intention of anything last night.  After a long day, all I wanted was sleep.  And the day before my Brazilian, I like to stay hands off and build up a little anticipation of a silky smooth pussy.  I couldn’t help myself.  I know how to make myself feel so damn good.  Can you blame me?

I thought of him, pretended he was watching me.  That alone made me wetter than I’d been in days.

I spent 10 or more minutes caressing my soft breasts and torturing my sensitive nipples.  I pulled and pinched; I tweaked and turned; I writhed and winced.  It was a beautiful thing.  I finally pulled off my wet panties and dipped my finger into my pussy.

Moisture flooded my pussy at the first touch.  Two fingers slid in effortlessly.  My fingertip brushed my g-spot, and my back arched.  One hand on my nipple, the other tapping morse code on my g-spot, it didn’t take long until I gushed into my hand.  My fingers slowly swirled around my dripping clit.  I tweaked a nipple and warm come oozed down my ass.

I thought about being watched by him while I played with my nipples, my cunt, my clit.  To my surprise, I was immediately wetter than before.  I brought my hand up to my face – sticky, covered in come, and shining in the moonlight.

An idea hit me, and I started to tremble.  I had never tasted myself like this.  Could I do it?  I knew if he was there, he would want to watch me.  My mind rebelled – what if I didn’t like the taste?  I shrugged that thought away – what would he think if he knew?

I pressed a fingertip to my lips.  When I pulled away, the tip of my tongue tentatively swiped my lips.  There it was, my first true taste of myself.  I pressed my hand to my mouth, and my tongue darted out to taste again.  I was so shocked by my own daring – and at the taste, coppery but not unpleasant – that I quickly put my hand back down where it belonged.

Two fingers slipped in again, moisture trickled down my pussy and into my ass.  The angle of my hand was slightly different, one finger brushed against my ass.  I wondered – did I dare?  My ass was so wet from coming and I was so relaxed from the multiple orgasms, that without giving it much thought, while two fingers were stroking my g-spot, another finger slid into my ass.  Shocked again at myself, I pulled my finger out.  Within moments, I gushed into my hand as my orgasm hit me hard.

I continued to stroke my pussy and clit, lovingly.  I thought about what I had just done.  I tried again but couldn’t relax enough for even a fingertip.

Amazed at myself, I felt the bed underneath me and knew my puddle of come was the largest yet.  I got up to wash the sticky come off of my hands.  Before I fell asleep, I sent out a text message, “I came four times tonight – imagining you watching me.”

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