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Clamps – A Boobday Special

In honor of Hyacinth’s Boobday (don’t tell me you haven’t heard about Boobday?! I’ll wait right here while you read all about it – go on…), anyway, in honor of such a wonderful day, I thought I’d make my own little contribution…

Little girl pigtails, hot pink knee socks, Teddy by my side, a set of nipple clamps that fouled up during their debut, and a desire to see if the clamps could redeem themselves…

Loosening the clamps until they opened as wide as possible, I tried to put a clamp on one large, pink nipple from several angles. Finally, I cruelly twisted and stretched the sensitive bud and clamped down, tightening the screw. My cunt pulsed even as I hissed between my teeth. My eyes closed tight and watered; I felt the dampness between my legs.

The next clamp cooperated little better. After twisting and turning, finally, it too bit into sensitive flesh. I picked up the chain and pulled. Snap! Snap! Pictures from multiple angles.

I yanked harder. My pussy throbbed with need.

“God, I want to cum, Daddy!” I thought.

Where the hell had that thought come from??

One clamp slipped off as I continued to tug on the chain. The other held on stubbornly, meanly, biting into me, making me want to cry. I slowly pulled it off, watching in fascination as my nipple stretched and changed shape, whining to myself with need, an achy little slut.

I slipped the clamps off, knowing they would not do, thinking about how much I wanted to touch myself.

Pardon me while I take care of a wet, needy cunt.

BD 4-26-13

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