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My Favorite Purple Bra

my favorite purple bra fits again

It’s not much, and it’s definitely not a perfect fit, but I made a happy discovery today. My favorite purple bra, one of the few things left over from another time in life, fits again.

I haven’t worn it in at least two years, possibly longer. It was relegated to the back of my drawer, untouched but not forgotten.

In a fit of frustration and a belief that I was destined to keep gaining weight, several months ago I went through my dresser and closet and got rid of everything that no longer fit. Much loved clothing was relegated to the donation pile. Why keep it if I can’t wear it? Better to buy clothes that fit than to hold onto the past.

And it was easy. Plenty of clothes got chucked in the bag.

But not this bra. Even if I never wore it again, the purple bra had a place in my heart and my underwear drawer — next to a red bra I couldn’t part with.

And now it fits.

Life is strange…but mostly good.

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