Masturbation Monday

Better Than Sleep

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We should have fallen asleep. John Brownstone spanked me until my ass burned. I’d finally allowed myself the luxury of relaxing into his arms. We were emotionally spent – at least I was. There was no reason not to be asleep.

But I couldn’t. The momentary relaxation of an over the knee bare-handed spanking was nearly gone. My mind buzzed and spun. His excuse? A raging hard-on, I think.

Instead, we fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos. I’m still not sure how we found ourselves listening to Tina Guo and 2Cellos.

“I love the sound of strings. Especially the low sound of a cello. It’s hot.”

In the dark I felt him pull back to stare at me. “Really? I had no idea.”

“Oh yeah, I’d scene to this kind of music.” The deep bass of the stringed instrument filled my blood with warmth and need. A deep craving stirred. I could listen to this all night.

Several videos later, and I heard “Okay, babygirl. That’s enough.”

Phone down. Ready to snuggle under the covers. A wisp of air brushed the damp skin between my thighs. It sent a cold shock up my spine. Chills raced up and down my skin.

“I guess I really like that music!”

“What do you mean, babygirl?” I grabbed his hand to show him. His fingers sank deep into my drenched body.

Pulling me against his chest, one hand in my hair, he began to play my body, not unlike the cellists we’d watched earlier. Pressing down. Stroking up. Strumming down. I hummed. Sighed. Squeaked.

My clit swelled and throbbed, poking forward, desperate for more attention. He let me set a tempo, as my hips moved back and forth, riding a single fingertip.

I begged. For more? For release? I don’t know.

When he finally acquiesced, I shook and trembled, clenching and spasming. I lost my breath and found it again. Heat splashed between my thighs. He removed his hand. I heard a long inhale followed by a satisfied suck.

“You taste good.”

I knew what came next. We’d been celibate for nearly two weeks. I might taste good, but I was also about to be fucked good.

Want to hear the music that got me worked up? This was the first one we listened to:

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Spankings are fun, but after a definite dry spell, orgasms are better. I’ve been listening to Tina Guo’s music all day (thanks to YouTube playlists) and I’m sure my first reaction wasn’t a fluke. I could go for a little of what I had last night all over again. Do you need more? You know what to do…

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