Large Red Oak Paddle


Handmade wooden paddles for spanking fun. Custom made by John Brownstone. Para-cord wrapped handle and smooth, finished wood for maximum ass-destruction. See drop down for available colors for handle wrapping. Click images below to see colors.

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These paddles are made from Red Oak, while it has a nice heavy feel it is comfortable to hold and leaves a deep impact.

18 inches full length with a 12 inch paddle area this will let that sub know they’ve been spanked and cover a long area, in most cases both cheeks in one shot. The paddles are ¾ inch thick.

These are not a warm-up paddle, these will deliver maximum thud with sting as the edges have been left straight and not rounded as most paddles.

The wood is finished with a natural stain so the Oak gain shows through and is then cover with polyurethane to protect the paddle. The handle is wrapped with purple paracord to make it comfortable for those holding it.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

As always play safe, sane, and consensual!

Additional information

Weight 0.628 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 2.5 x .75 in
Paracord Colors

Red, Red/Black, Red/Green, Purple, Pink/black, Rainbow


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