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Y’all know there’s a fetish for everything, and if that’s true, than certainly there’s an erotic genre for everything, too. I’m pleased to say tattoo erotica is totally a thing. As someone who has a few of her own and wishes for the budget to add more, tattoos are cool. Of course, I’m also the one who would be willing to blow our budget for John Brownstone to get one (thankfully cooler – and more Dominant – heads prevail).

So when Anna Sky asked if I would pimp out her new anthology Inked which centers around sexy tattoo erotica, of course I jumped at the chance. Anna is an erotic writer, but this is first step into working in the editor role – and I, for one, am glad she did. See for yourself!

About Inked

Inked edited by Anna Sky, an anthology of tattoo eroticaTattoos are intimate and personal, yet can hide as much as they reveal…

This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first tattoos in Company Ink and first times in Scissoring. An intrepid ink artist crosses galaxies to save mankind in The Voron-Kali Emperor’s New Clothes whilst closer to home, a sub make a lifetime promise to her Master in Commitment.

In Venomous Ink, a vibrant tattoo shows there’s much more than meets the eye whilst an art student longs to ink the object of her desire with her permanent markers, in Sign Your Name. An uptight commuter finds herself attracted to her polar opposite in Uncovering Heather, while the ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves in Her Midnight Roses.

And in Nine Lives, a top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer and when they reconnect, she discovers he has new ink for each new life.

Edited by Anna Sky, Inked contains nine sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Annabeth Leong, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Jillian Boyd, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.

Excerpt from Inked: “Commitment” by Katya Harris

Dread and excitement swirl together in my belly. The sudden buzz of the tattoo gun as Patrick switches it on, makes me jump. The tattoo parlour is empty except for us and the noise pops the bubble of quiet that surrounds us. I whimper, every muscle in my body tightening. My mouth floods with the coppery taste of adrenaline.

“Easy, darling. Just look at me.”

Andre’s voice soothes me. I look at him, let him see the fear and anticipation in my eyes, and watch as he drinks it in. When Patrick’s needle touches my skin, I gasp. Pain flares, more intense than I’d thought it would be, and I let Andre see that too.

The needle traces over my skin, following the path Patrick lay so carefully with his stencil. I try to breath slowly, smoothly, but every now and again the pain crescendos, and I hiss. Sometimes, Patrick stops and uses a paper towel to wipe away the excess ink, the sand-papery texture rasping over my freshly pierced and coloured skin, is another kind of hurt.

I steel myself and endure, and never once do I look away from Andre’s face.

I don’t know how long it’s been when the buzz of the tattoo gun stops.

“How are you doing?”

The stare I’ve been sharing with Andre stretches like toffee before I can break it. I blink at Patrick. “I’m okay.” My voice is slurred; I sound the way I do when I’m in sub-space. I am there a little bit I realise, the warm familiar sea lapping at my fingers and toes.

Turning his head, Patrick shares a grin with Andre. “I think she likes it.”

I want to say I’m not sure of that, but all I can seem to do is smile dreamily. Perhaps he’s right after all.

“Let’s see, shall we.” Andre touches the pad of his index finger to my chin, turning my head to look back at him. “Lift up your skirt, darling.”

I whimper, my cheeks burning red, but my hands are already moving. The skirt I’m wearing is short and loose; gathering up the material in both hands, I lift it to expose my pussy. It’s naked, both of panties and hair, the lips smooth and utterly exposed between my pressed together thighs.

“Open your legs.”

I do, spreading them wide and letting my lower legs dangle over the sides of the tattoo chair. The cool air of the tattoo parlour kisses my pussy and I shiver. Well, it could be that or the way that the two men in front of me are looking at my cunt, like there’s treasure between my legs. I’m already wet, but the looks on their faces make me even wetter.

“You’re right, Patrick,” Andre says, “I think she does like it.”

“Then we should carry on.” Patrick’s voice is deeper than before, lustful. There’s an edge of anticipation to it and for the first time, I wonder what else Andre has planned for the night.

The buzz of the tattoo gun fills the space. It kisses my skin, a thousand bites and stings, and my legs tighten around the chair. My hands hold on tight to the fabric of my skirt. I bite my lip. My clit throbs, wanting to be touched. My pussy aches, wanting to be filled.

Pain moves through me, every nerve in my body resonating in sympathy. I want to squirm, to writhe, to bear down with my hips and grind my cunt against the leather beneath me. That I can’t, that I have to hold perfectly still, makes the urge all the worse. My breaths shudder in and out of my lungs. My lips part and my eyes widen.

Patrick moves around me. He’s so close I can feel his hot breaths against my skin, smell the spicy musk of his aftershave, brasher than Andre’s scent. He smells good and he feels good too. My skin pebbles with goose bumps whenever he touches me with his strong hands in their rubbery latex gloves. He feels sinister and it’s darkly exciting.

My fingers twitch, almost brushing against the mound of my sex.

“Ah-ah-ahh,” Andre admonishes.

I whimper, a pleading little mewl.

“Be patient,” he croons. “You’ll be done soon. Right, Patrick?”

“Almost done,” Patrick tells him. He’s circled me and is almost back to where he started.

“I can’t,” I whisper. I draw in a shuddering breath. “I can’t bear it.”

Andre’s face doesn’t change, but his eyes sparkle with laughter. “Oh, my poor darling.” Moving closer, he reaches down between my legs. His blunt fingers slide boldly between the slick folds of my cunt. “So wet.” A bland observation, like he’s talking about the weather. He circles the hard bud of my clit then burrows down to pierce my pussy with two hard fingers.

(That was hot, wasn’t it?!)

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About Anna Sky

This is Anna’s first venture into editing and she’s loved every second! As an erotica writer, she’s been published by multiple presses and has self published several of her own anthologies, one of which has even been quoted in a PhD thesis for short-story form! Apart from that she’s (in no particular order) a geek, red wine drinker, poi hurler, Firefly fan, has a very dirty laugh and loves to perform research for her stories!


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