A Real “Gag” Gift…Giggle-Snort #AffiliateOffer

Sometimes I have the worst sense of humor. I think there’s a 12 year old boy living deep inside my psyche. I have the most inappropriate humor at times, and the oddest things strike me as funny.

The Gorge Ohwell Silencing Slider Cheeseburger Ball Gag is one of those things.

I’ve seen it on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ve giggled each and every time.

When the company reached out to me and asked if I would be an affiliate partner of their’s, ya know I had to say yes, right? Their site is growing by leaps and bounds. After the initial email came in, I checked out their website and the ball gag was the only product. Now? There’s all kinds of stuff! And yes, I get the giggles looking at things like the slider cheeseburger tee-shirt.

Anyone who purchases the gag and uses the code KAYLA will save $10 – and of course, full disclosure, I’ll make a few dollars on the sale of each one, too. Click the image below to take a look and, if you want, buy one.

slider cheeseburger ball gag

Yep, even now, I’m getting a fit of the giggles, and my inner 12 year old is snorting and chortling.

You’ll notice – when you go to the homepage – they’re listed as an affiliate partner of mine with an image that links to the site, all in the sidebar.

No pressure to buy, click, or whatever else. But I’ll always fully disclose this kind of thing to you so there’s no confusion.

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