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So ya know that secret project I’ve mentioned in the past? Yeah, well, the secret is out! I was invited to participate in an anthology with seven other divine authors. We could write about anything but we were given one word as a prompt – masquerade.

I wrote a new Sir and Babygirl story that may be one of the best to date (yeah, I might be biased). Check out the excerpt and then pre-order your copy before it releases on November 2.

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Her body responded to his husky tone as she remembered her first visit to the Iron Maiden, the local BDSM club. She’d been so nervous, unsure of how to talk to other people. She knew, as Sir’s submissive, she was a reflection of her Dominant, and if she forgot proper protocol or came across as rude or bratty, he’d look bad.

Thankfully, the night they attended, only a few others were there as well. She’d tried to remember to speak only when spoken to and wait for Sir to introduce her. Normally, she used sarcastic jokes as a defense mechanism when she was nervous, but not knowing if she was talking to a Dominant or a submissive without someone telling her made that especially dangerous. It had been better to keep her mouth shut and not make too much eye contact.

The few Dominants she’d met were polite enough, never looking too closely at her out of respect for her Sir. The submissives were fairly quiet, too. Well, except for one Chatty Cathy who annoyed her slightly, but at least the woman had been willing to include her in the conversation. Babygirl had felt completely awkward sitting in the social area – until she watched the action on the main playroom floor.

A woman, naked, suspended in the air with rope caught her eye first. It felt strange watching what was basically an intimate moment between two people play out in the middle of a room. When the woman’s Dominant, Sir Richard, slapped his girl’s pussy as he swung her in the air, Babygirl thought she might die of embarrassment. Watching them seemed an intrusion, as if she was in their bedroom. When she saw the shudder run through the woman’s body and the blissful look on her face, she squirmed in her seat, turned on by what she saw.

Her attention turned to a small, very petite woman dressed in a short red skirt and white tube top. Babygirl thought she looked like such a sweet little thing. Well, until she watched the woman beat her three hundred pound, six-foot-five-inch male submissive with what looked like a billy club. Babygirl remembered that the woman was Missy, a switch who was Domme one moment and a babygirl the next. The man with the reddening back was Sweets, her boyfriend and another switch who was Sweets right now, and Daddy when he switched to Dominant. Fascinated by male submission, Babygirl wasn’t turned on, but couldn’t take her eyes away from the scene.

Sir leaned over. “What’s got your attention, Babygirl?” His whispered question almost made her jump out of her skin.

“Oh, Sir! You scared me.” Her whispers felt loud in her own ears. “Missy is absolutely wailing on him, and he doesn’t even look phased.”

He laughed softly. “Of course, she’s wailing on him. He’s got more than fifteen inches and easily a hundred and fifty pounds on her. That’s the only way he’s going to feel a thing.”

“I guess that makes sense, Sir.” She continued to stare. “But I still can’t take my eyes off of them.”

They sat together, quietly, watching the various scenes unfold. He had told her they would play in the private loft area, but the people using it didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. Babygirl looked over her shoulder from time to time to check their progress, impatiently waiting for them to be done and leave but secretly a little grateful they were taking their time.
An hour or so passed and the private loft was still in use. She’d been squirming in her seat for easily an hour, but if she was honest with herself, since the moment she sat down. She didn’t know what she wanted, but she needed something. The sexual energy in the club mixed with the thumping beats of the loud music were overwhelming.

“Sir, I’m not afraid of the main floor.” Her mouth was bone dry as she whispered the words in his ear, hoping he’d understand what she meant.

His look of surprise might have been humorous if she hadn’t realized the gravity of her admission. Her stomach dropped. He was going to spank her on the main floor.

Sir smiled. “Are you positive?” He looked up at the loft above their heads. “We could skip this tonight and try again another night.”

“No, Sir.” Babygirl was firm. “I know part of tonight was to introduce me to the local club and lifestyle, but it was also to play. I want to play.”

He arched one eyebrow at her. “Please, Sir.” She remembered her manners at the last minute. The words came out in a rush.

She thought she would melt into the floor when he had her strip by the St. Andrew’s Cross. She could still hear the clinking sound of the D-rings on her cuffs when he clipped her to the cross. And oh, God, the feeling of his hands on her bare skin with all those people just feet away…

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Alisa EastonMasked Desires

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Gale StanleyOptical Illusions

Kayla Lords – The Iron Maiden (hey that’s me!)

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