Masturbation Monday

Wet and Slippery #MasturbationMonday

He joined me in the shower to “save time and water.”

In my sleepy innocence, I believed him.

As he washed and rinsed his hair, I stroked the soft, pale skin of his ass. I rubbed my tender nipples along his back. Teasing, sweet touches meant to convey my love and adoration.

With cobwebs and dust still filling my brain from the early morning hours, I never thought of ulterior motives or erotic desires. I simply enjoyed the wet, skin-t0-skin contact.

I should have known.

After rinsing the soap from both our bodies, we wrapped our arms around each other, nuzzling and nipping each other’s necks while warm water streamed over us.

Without a word, the corner of his mouth quirked up and a familiar glint appeared in his clear, blue eyes. He turned me around and pushed my upper body forward. The moment he grasped my hips, I knew what he wanted.

I bent my knees and arched my back. My ass jutted, inviting his entrance to a wet and slippery entrance, begging to be filled.

The moment his cock entered my pussy, I hissed and gripped the towel rack on the shower wall, praying I didn’t rip it down. He thrust in and out, mercilessly, uncaring about my white knuckles, my shaking knees, my grunts of pleasure.

Wet, slippery skin smacked together with each thrust of his hips. My body began to tremble with the force of my own desire and the painful position of my body.

On this morning, he filled my cunt quicker than any other time. A few hard strokes and I heard his tell-tale growl of pleasurable release. After making sure I could stand on my own two feet again, he gave me a peck on the cheek and a wink before leaving me under the now-cool water. I heard him whistle to himself as he readied for the day ahead.

I finished my shower, reveling in the ache between my thighs, while cleaning up as best I could.

Later in the day, I walked through the grocery store, my mind on the mundane vanillaness of life, when I was gifted with a wet and slippery reminder of our wet and slippery morning. The warmth seeping out of my body made my nipples harden, my body clench, and my skin blush. I was reminded that even when I’m alone, he’s always with me.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday, the best day of the week as far as I’m concerned! Yes, this really happened, even the end. I thought I’d cleaned up, but apparently, I was fuller than I knew. LOL. Okay, now make sure to click on the link and go visit the other erotic hotness at the main Masturbation Monday page this week and show some blogging love!

Masturbation Monday

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