Masturbation Monday

We Made Love #MasturbationMonday

“Oh God, Daddy, I am so ready for you to be here. But aren’t we going to be exhausted with travel, packing, and everything else? When will there be kinky fuckery??” Our last late night phone conversation prior to his arrival – and of course, I’ve got to have something to worry about.

“I might not have the energy for kinky fuckery, but the first night we’re together, I will make love to you, babygirl.”

He didn’t lie or exaggerate.

Friday night, nearly four months spent apart, and he was finally in my bed and in my arms, where he belonged. Chaos surrounded us – boxes everywhere, stacked up. Furniture pulled apart, pulled away from walls; nothing in place. My mind was reeling from the changes we were making.

I couldn’t handle pain. Daddy could see that right off. My sassy (some might say bratty) side was showing. I found comfort in being Daddy’s babygirl, but kinky fuckery was beyond me. He knew that, too.

His mouth was hot against my skin. He tasted every inch of my body, committing it to memory once again. His hands seared my flesh. I could feel myself becoming consumed by passion and need – his or mine, I don’t know.

No part of me was off limits. He teased the sensitive skin of my neck with licks and nips until I moaned and writhed beneath him. My dark nipples became taut peaks begging to be touched. Like a man starving, he feasted on every part of me. Softly, sweetly, he loved me from head to toe.

I spread my legs for him. I raked my nails down his back, clutching his ass, pulling him closer. My hands cradled his precious face; my fingers combing through his hair. While he memorized me anew with his mouth, I used my hands.

I became frantic and feverish as he stayed calm. It became clear to me that he would take his time, savoring this moment – the first of many.

Finally, finally he touched my pussy, my lips, my clit. The sensations were overwhelming, almost too much to bear. After so many months apart, his touch was electrifying. I keened and cried, begging to cum within seconds.

“Yes, babygirl,” he whispered against my fevered skin. I shuddered and shook in his arms. Small orgasms fluttered through my body with each swipe of his finger and each stroke of his hand. I lost all sense of time.

Finally, finally, he raised himself over me. He spread my legs wider than ever and plunged deep into my soaked pussy. Thrusting in and out, and I panted and gasped my pleasure. Skin slapping against skin filled the room.

“You fuck me so good, Daddy.” I whimpered the words over and over as they spurred him on. He took his pleasure from my body; I yielded joyfully. His body pressed against mine; his hands in my hair, gripping me tight.

“What are you, girl?” He growled in my ear, and I knew he was close.

“I’m your fucktoy, Daddy. Only yours, only yours, only yours.” I chanted the words over and over again with each thrust of his cock. Within moments, I heard his growls and snarls as he filled my pussy, his pussy.

Long moments passed before we caught our breath. Always worried about being too heavy for me, I felt him try to roll away. I whimpered and whined – and then clutched him close to me. We had made love, and I wasn’t ready to let go.

No, it wasn’t kinky fuckery. It was better, and it was beautiful.

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