Boob Day

My Best Bra #Boobday

Am I the only woman who has an absolute favorite, love it forever, gotta have it bra…that I almost never wore?

best bra on boobday

I had this one for several years, and I wore it less than ten times. That’s a shame, isn’t it? The last time I wore it, the wire came out. I nearly held a bra funeral. A bra burning would have sent the wrong impression. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of burning bras when the situation calls for it, but cremating my favorite bra upon death wouldn’t have been understood by the masses. That, and I didn’t feel like explaining to the local fire department why I was having a one-woman bra burning. Ok, all kidding aside, this is what I would have considered my best bra ever, and I have yet to replace it. How do you replace the irreplaceable?

So thank you, Hyacinth, for the opportunity to pay tribute and give a fitting epilogue to the best bra ever.

If you couldn’t tell, today’s Boobday. And while I’m being a tad bit silly, I really did love this damn bra. Just look what it did for my cleavage?!

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