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#ShamelessPromotion for Discover Me by Cara Thereon @thereon_cara

This is a first for me. I’m shamelessly promoting a friend of mine who didn’t actually request this. I adore Cara Thereon’s blog, and I respect her as a writer. I’ve acted as an editor for her in the past, and she’s been a beta reader for me. She’s had a book on Amazon for a while, and I only recently discovered that she’d self-published. (She always says I’m better at self-promotion than she is – and in this instance, I might have to agree.)

If you’ve followed Cara’s blog, you’ll love her book. Reading “Discover Me” has been like reading her blog. Hot, sweet, amazing, passionate erotica in short snippets. What’s not to like about THAT?!

Only $0.99 on Amazon!

Only $0.99 on Amazon!












I don’t have an excerpt to share, but if you click THIS LINK (or the picture above), you can preview a little on Amazon. If you follow Cara, you already know how good she is. If you don’t, you should! Read just one or two blog posts, and you’ll be dying to buy her book!

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