Boob Day

Twist and Shout #Boobday

Happy Boobday!!! Go visit Hy’s site to see all the other lovely participants of Boobday – you won’t be disappointed.

One visit with a kinky, sadistic man with a camera, and I’ve got Boobday pictures to last a while! Here’s another!



I love to have my nipples pinched and twisted. I crave the sharp sting of pain. It’s delicious to me. The sensation runs along a kinetic railway from my breast straight to my cunt. I’m instantly wet. If I have the freedom to scream and shout (ie, no children around), the wetness and desire are even greater.

I adore the tenderness after hours of nipple torture. I like hissing between my teeth when my bra rubs across my tender areolas. I like the throb of pain when I press against my breasts for any reason – and I’m a stomach sleeper.

Yeah, I like the twist and shout of this particular form of torture

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