Adult Friendly Businesses on the Web

Whether you're a sex blogger, an erotic author, or someone who peddles smutty goods for the kinky or vanilla, at some point or another, you're going to want or need to use different online services and products to keep doing what you're doing.

The problem is that many mainstream (and large) companies aren't friendly to those of us who openly talk about sex and sexuality. I've spent plenty of time frustrated because I've found what feels like the perfect company to do business with, only to find out that they perceive my brand of sex "pornographic" or "indecent."

To keep you from having the same problems and to promote the businesses that are friendly to us, I've put together a list of adult-friendly businesses and websites. Note: Always read the Terms of Service for each site and follow their rules (i.e. marking your account as NSFW, not posting certain things, etc.). Companies and their TOS change all the time. Always check before you sign up.

This list is a living document: if you work with an online business that's not on this list and want them to be included or if you are an adult-friendly business and want to be listed as a resource, fill out this form:

Add an Adult-Friendly Business to the List!

Here's a list of businesses who aren't afraid to work with adult websites and other businesses!

Web hosting

Email Provider

Social Media and Sharing


(For setting up your own store)


Payment Acceptance

Blogging and Podcasting Tools

Promotional Tools

Sex Education

  • OMGYes - researchers of women's sexual pleasure;

Reminder, if you think a business (including your own) should be listed, fill out this form:

Add an Adult-Friendly Business to the List!


  • Hello Kayla, I have a couple business to add to your list. First, I got banned from Aweber, They don’t want sex toys, porno, etc being promoted there. So I use, Jay is the Owner and is very cool, Richard is the sales and will help technically too. For hosting, Hostgator is adult friendly and cheap. Also if you are running a more robust cam site go with
    The owner is very laid back. If you need social media services; the owner is a woman who is stellar.
    To accept payments online in my humble opinion there are only two choices. and The one I use, Mobis Payments. Talk to Matt Mund, Director of Sales OMG such a great guy. He wants you as a client and happy! The owner is great too.
    I’m just starting to work with a cam company and a VOD company both I really like, but time will tell.
    If anyone needs a recommendation just give me a shout! I’ve got a couple big conventions under my belt and know some people, or I can ask the right people anyway.

    Great References great #EroticPromoTips!!
    Thank you,
    Erin @ Fun TIll U Cum & Chrysalis Intimates

    • We love HostGator, and I’m looking into Ynotmail. Yeah, Aweber used to be okay but I’ve been hearing more and more that they’re not. I’ll have to check out 7 veils. Thanks!

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