Boob Day February Photofest 2018

My Perspective: Held Close and Offered Up

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It’s the second day of February Photofest 2018 and it falls on Boobday so you know what means, right?


And John Brownstone seems to do more than hold onto what’s his. This image makes me feel offered up for the voyeur watching us. Maybe for a lover to join? I don’t know, and I don’t care. His hand on my body makes me feel safe, secure, and owned, and with it, I can do anything.

He doesn’t have to proclaim any part of my body as “his” – it’s a fact and stating it is unnecessary. I’m cradled carefully and shared willingly.

John Brownstone holds Kayla Lords breast - it's offered for your view


He holds me tight against him, and he offers me up.

February Photofest

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