February Photofest 2018

My Perspective: His Hands

I’m a little leery of starting new things and accepting challenges right now. Life keeps blowing up and then I feel overwhelmed when I get behind. (Hehe, I made an accidental pun…)

But I want to take more pictures of myself, of us – to document another part of who we are, to find some acceptance in my own body, as imperfect as it is.

So…I’m trying my hand (again with the puns!) at February Photofest organized by the amazing Molly Moore. Each day in February I’ll post an image of “my perspective” of a sensual, erotic, or kinky situation. It might be a selfie, an image of John Brownstone, or, like this first one, a bit of both.

He may or may not join in on the fun over on his own blog (Southern Sir’s Place) – showcasing images from his perspective – although I hope he does, and I know he wants to. If you’re not already following his blog, go now and subscribe…I’ll wait.

For this first day of February, you get a peek into one of the best parts of my day – his hands on my body. Just before bed when we, briefly, connect through physical touch…butt rubs, spankings, or just the light graze of fingertips across skin. This is a moment just for us…

John Brownstone's hands on Kayla Lords butt

Gawd, I love his hands.

Okay, we’re not the only ones playing along. There are some amazing bloggers taking part. Click below to get more February Photofest love!

February Photofest

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