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I often forget, because I spend so much time talking about John Brownstone now, that I was really quiet about him when we first met. Instead of writing about him as a real person in my life, I wrote my “fantasies” and my “dreams.” They were often genuine sexual fantasies I had, but they weren’t about a mysterious person shrouded in the darkness of my mind. No, they centered on one man – John Brownstone.

At the request of several loyal listeners of the Loving BDSM podcast, we chose to share the story of how our relationship began for this week’s episode. Looking back, it feels like it was inevitable. A gravitational pull that drew us to this point and keeps pushing us forward. But at the time, there were fears, angst, worries, and questions. So. Many. Questions.

If you’ve wondered how we met or it’s been (literal) years since you read the posts I – eventually – wrote about us, check out this week’s episode. We ramble. We laugh. We reminisce. And I even get teary-eyed for a moment. So basically, it’s completely us.

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