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The Short Answer: We’re Fine

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John Brownstone and I have been blown away by the amount of people who have reached out to us since before Hurricane Irma hit Florida. We're fine and will be fine going forward. We also have friends around the state of Florida who didn't fare so well. Our thoughts are with them even as we thank the deities and stars above that we're okay. So far, the worst of our damage is having to buy all our groceries over again. That's no small thing, but since it could have been much worse, no complaints either.

This week was supposed to be the 100th episode of Loving BDSM. Even though we have our equipment with us, we didn't have the mental energy to put together a big show to celebrate. Instead, because people were genuinely concerned and interested, we've got a short update post-Irma.

If you're interested, click the button below to check it out. But the short story is this: We're fine.

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