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This week’s podcast is a strange one for me. The entire show lasts about 30 minutes and the first 10 minutes or so have nothing to do with kink, BDSM, D/s, or even the topic for the day’s show.

And when I think about it, it makes my stomach hurt.

No, I didn’t made a blood sacrifice to appease an angry god(dess). I didn’t call anyone names or go on a rant.

I asked for help.

My nervousness doesn’t come from the fact that I asked (okay, maybe it does a little) but because I worry people will get pissed that I used 10 minutes of their time with my hand out. Ugh.

Here’s the deal – equipment is becoming an issue for the podcast. We’ve found a permanent solution (instead of the temporary ones we’re working with) but part of the fix costs more than what I make in book sales in nearly a year (sad but true – for my book sales, I mean). It’s not expensive in the grand scheme of things and this is part of the reason why I have Patreon – to let the people who can and want to show their love with green cash do so, specifically so I can do more of what they love.

But making such a blatant ask left me with a queasy feeling.

So, if you’d rather just hear me talk about what sex toys I think you should get for the kinky mom in your life – and I get pretty specific on why I think these are good options – when you get to the podcast, skip ahead 10 minutes.

(Yes, I have a full transcript this week for my readers out there. And links to specific products are in the show notes.)

From the show:

  • A personal request regarding Patreon, support, and making the podcast sound great (jump ahead to minute 10 if you want to skip that part).
  • This list isn’t about BDSM gear, instead, it focuses on sex toys and kinky orgasm fun.
  • Number one on the list – because it’s a personal favorite: The Original Magic Wand aka the Hitachi
  • Number two: Keri by Svakom – the polar opposite of the Hitachi and just as fun to play with.
  • Number three: Lava 3 in 1, great for orgasming around a cock
  • Number four: Vibease – take your kink out of the bedroom without anyone knowing.

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