Wicked Wednesday

Not Going to Hurt a Bit #WickedWednesday

The gleam in his eye made me squirm in my seat.

What was he planning? What did he want?

He nodded to the woman to my left.

Oh? She was involved with this, too?

Clearly he was in charge as she silently nodded back, her eyes darting back and forth between us.

They looked so serious. So intense.

Was I really ready for this?

The scent of his cologne and her perfume mingled and drifted around my head. I inhaled the heady scent, my eyes closing as I felt them lean in.

“Open up! This isn’t going to hurt a bit.”

And that’s when that sadist came at me with a needle whileย his assistant held the drill. Damn dentist appointment.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! Today’s prompt is about threesomes and nothing sexy came to mind so I went with…something else. For the good stuff, go check out this week’s posts. I’m sure someone found something erotic to say about threesomes.ย 

Wicked Wednesday


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