Masturbation Monday

The Power of Video #MasturbationMonday

Warning! The video link below is SO not safe for anything but a dimly lit room with zero chance that someone other than a kinky freak will walk in on you.

Deen and Stoya – Anal (yummy!)

Watch it, if you dare. Watch it like I did – in bed, in the dark, so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. I nearly came. My body trembled. Sweat beaded at my temples. I caught myself panting.

I hips bucked. My back arched. I felt the moisture pool below. I looked at the clock. Too late to request permission. Closing my eyes, the sounds of her moans filling my ears, my body undulated against a phantom touch.

Don’t cum. Don’t cum. The thought raced through my mind. My body wanted to disobey. I’m a good girl, though.

Muscles clenching. Jaw clenching. Wishing for fingers, cock, tongue, anything. A desperate ache. Need building. Holy fuck, this is the longest five minutes of my life.

I trembled as I set the phone aside. I missed him in a different way.

But I’m a good girl. No touching. No cumming. But damn, that was a powerful video.

Soooooo…if you watch it, you have to tell me what you think!!


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