Boob Day

Yay for Boobday!


I call them sun-kissed and love-marked. The bruises are fading now, as is the slight sunburn that you can barely see in this particular picture.

I love being bitten, marked, bruised. It makes me feel owned and possessed in a way that nothing else does. But the pain of it is excruciating. I whine and whimper, pleading, “Nooooo” but I never use my safeword. Because I know at the end of the dark sting of pain will be the mark I crave.

When his teeth sink in, my eyes squeeze shut. My voice raises in pitch, and I practically cry. My pussy tingles and moistens. My clit swells and throbs. It takes very little to set me off – one touch, and I’d easily cum.

There were more marks made than these, more visible than these. Bruises and bites on my neck and back – and I spent the weekend in the sun with sundresses and bathing suits. If the world had chosen to look closely, they would have seen them as clear as day. But the majority of the world doesn’t pay that much attention.

But you’re my world, and I guess I’m screaming, “Hey look at my beautiful marks!”  /giggle

Yay for Boobday!

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