Shameless Promotion – Castles Burning by @NicolRyanAuthor

I’m starting something new because I want to and… Is any other reason even necessary?

Once a week, on Thursday, I will shamelessly promote an author. Sometimes it’ll be myself (hey, it’s my blog – and I’ve got dreams to realize!) and sometimes it’ll be someone else. If I’ve actually read something, I’ll tell you – and I’ll give you my honest opinion. If I receive something for free, I’ll tell you. Basically, I’m going to be who I’ve always been – honest as fuck.

For this first shameless promotion, I’m returning a favor for someone who shamelessly promoted me. Check it out – and you can read an excerpt from The Visitor, too.

And now for my debut shameless promotion…

Nicole Ryan is an erotic author who’s current book is available on Amazon – Castles Burning Part Three. You know, if you like it even a little, you need to get the first two parts, right???

I read the sneak peek on Amazon…VERY well written. So…go check it out and decide for yourselves! It’s only $1.99!

Castles Burning Part Three by Nicole Ryan

Castles Burning Part Three by Nicole Ryan

“In that moment, stuck somewhere between dreams and reality, I realized I never had really, truly seen myself.”

Click the picture above or click here to check it out on Amazon!

You check out Nicole on her blog: http://nicoleryanauthor.blogspot.com/ or on Twitter: @NicolRyanAuthor.

**Don’t have a Kindle? No worries! You can download the Kindle app for free to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy e-books from Amazon!**

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