The Numbers Are In

I slacked off a little bit, but it’s time for the stats whore in me to come out (hehehe).

I’m at 206 followers! I love all 206 of you! So many of you have supported me through my grief, and I don’t know where I would be without every single one of you. ((hugs))

I watch my numbers every day – because I’m dorky (and cute) like that, but it has been interesting to watch some of this.

206 followers – check

18,956 views of all time – check (WOW, by the way)

Visited by readers in more than 50 countries – I would love to know how cumming wildly translates in other languages.

Ok, my favorite part – the top 5 search terms are people using to find my little kinky corner of the blogosphere:

  • forced orgasms
  • permission to cum
  • submissive
  • submissive tendencies
  • ass training

Now, random search terms – oh Lord, y’all this is going to be interesting:

  • mid life woman fucking spanked
  • pink tits having asexual delight
  • i finger fuck myself until i cum – doesn’t that sound delightful?
  • please watch me poop sir erotica – I don’t even want to know how THAT connection was made to me…ick!
  • www.i put my tongue in her cunt and she squirts all in my mouth lovely porn.com – really?!

And in the past 30 days, my top post was Submissive Owner’s Manual – gotta love the power of Tumblr. A big thanks to whoever shared it to Tumblr – 547 views and probably 300 came from that share.

So there you have it. I’m still a stats whore.


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