I’m already on my second glass of wine for the night, and I’ve spent most of the day thinking about stuff. That will come – later. A little more wine may be needed.

Today I focused on myself a little more than usual. Nothing wrong with that, right? Figured I’d share a bit of it with you, my personal voyeurs.

I saw my ass in the mirror this morning and decided it looks damned good. (No panties and tight jeans – nothing but good times right there.)

I went shopping and bought the dress and the shoes. Not sure which I love more. The best part about the dress? The length (or lack thereof).

I don’t do Christmas sweaters. But cheeky Christmas t-shirts? Hell yeah! I wish I’d been naughty. This is one of those nights when I’dย love to be naughty.

I bought a new scent today. I smell delicious right now and the new lotion makes my skin silky soft. Mmmm, me, myself, and I should have a great time tonight. This is a night when I should have a voice growling in my ear, letting my little slut come out to play. Since I can’t have that, I think I’ll have more wine.

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