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Mirror, Mirror – Again

The last time I was in front of a mirror, He commanded it. Tonight, I needed it. Another night of carte blanche cumming but with a caveat – ass training.

I spread out my cum towel and lined up all my toys, nice and neat. I practically skipped around my room in anticipation of what was to come.

First, the vibrating plug. On my knees, ass up, head down, I lubed the plug, turned it on, and looked at my face as I pushed it into my tight little asshole. I bit my lip, my back arched, it was in. My eyes rolled back in my head as I began to move through the different pulse settings. I began to whimper as the vibrations pulsed through my body.

I reached down to touch my pussy. Already soaked, I stroked my clit. I cried out, mewling with desire. I sat up, impaling myself on the plug. Knees spread, cunt wide open, I watched my breasts heave as I stroked and rubbed my clit. My head fell back again, my back arched, my breasts jutted forward. My cunt shuddered.

I turned off the plug and slowly pulled it out of my ass. I felt empty without it. Next, the blue glass dildo. I lovingly spread lube all the way down. On my side, one leg up, I slowly began to insert it into my ass. I felt resistance; I played with my clit until my body relaxed enough to take it all. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, it slid into my ass, filling me. Once in, I picked up the large black dildo, turned it on to a low setting, rubbed it over my clit.

I looked at my face in the mirror. I saw desire and agony. I began fucking my ass with the glass dildo, and I turned the large black dildo up to a higher setting, pressing it into my clit. I refused to move the vibrating dildo. I came over and over again as I pushed and pulled the glass dildo in and out of my tight asshole.

My cries filled the room. I forced my own orgasms, stubbornly holding the dildo in place. My back arched again, my hips lifted. I grunted and snorted like an animal. I saw my face in the mirror – nostrils flared, lips curled, eyes glassy with desire. Finally, I screamed one last time and threw the dildo to the side. I could take no more. I took my time pulling the glass dildo out of my ass.

I knew it was time for the black dildo. I picked it up and stared at my cum dripping down it, wondering how my ass would take it all. I caught my eye in the mirror and smiled. I relished the idea of being stretched to my limits. I added even more lube to this monster. I pushed more lube into my ass. I turned the dildo on to its lowest setting.

On my side, leg lifted, my ass didn’t want to take it at first. After a few seconds, I felt the tip slide in. My ass burned with the size of the dildo stretching my hole. I stroked my clit, willing my body to relax. Ever so slowly, my body sucked it in deeper. Finally, it was in all the way. I stayed still for a moment, allowing my body to adjust. I glanced at myself in the mirror, fascinated by the sight of my body on the floor.

I finally felt ready and began to fuck my ass with the vibrating dildo. Breathing heavily, I grunted as the sensations began to overwhelm me. I felt pulled and stretched to my limit. My ass burned a little as the vibrator filled me completely. Stroking in and out, over and over again, I saw my face in the mirror – eyes half-open, chest heaving, nostrils flared. I gasped and moaned, grunted and snorted, and cried out with each stroke. I reached my limit and was forced to stop. I lay on my side and let the vibrator pulse inside my ass. I gathered my strength, reached down to turn it off, and pulled it out of my ass.

When I looked at myself in the mirror again, I saw a satisfied smirk.

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