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Like A Bitch In Heat

If I could have rubbed myself against someone yesterday, I would have. Walk up to them (male or female, no matter) and grind my cunt into them, writhe against them, and cum – I would have. Of course, He only would have allowed something like that if He was available to watch.

I walked around with a deliciously agonizing ache in my pussy most of the day. I sexted Him several times – a sexy shot of my lace-covered ass, thoughts on fucking and sucking, anything to share my desperation.

My pussy throbbed with unfulfilled need. I squirmed in my chair at the office, grinding myself into my seat. I fidgeted throughout the day, filled with nervous energy. Each time I used the restroom, I smelled my own musky scent. The smell of hot, sticky juices waiting impatiently to be released intoxicated me.

I produced powerful pheromones. As I walked through Target on my lunch hour, every male employee stopped to ask if I needed help – every one. Not one woman stopped; one even glared at me.  Now, I am most certainly not a strikingly beautiful woman with a supermodel body. I am of average looks and average build. I don’t need a bag over my head, but I’m also not the type of woman men clamor to be near. Every. Single. One.

Of course, I told Him about it. He laughed and teased me. Said I should have asked one of them to satisfy me.

All this heat and wished-for-grinding has little to do with simple release. He allows me to cum almost every morning in the shower, several times. I realized quickly that what my cunt and my mind both needed was Him. Just my Sir. His growly voice, His presence, His words – Him.

Life never slows down, and it keeps speeding up, so having what I want never happens when I want it. But as He tells me all the time, “Good girls get good things.” And apparently, He feels I’ve been very good because I have permission to cum in any way and as many times as I want tonight.

Thank you, Sir. Your bitch in heat appreciates You very much.

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I am an erotic author, sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, and an opinionated marketer. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


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