Watching Myself

I don’t like to be told no, even when I’m the one saying it.  I washed my sheets yesterday – and reading any of my posts from this week, you know why – but I especially washed them yesterday because family came to town today, and I always give up my bed to my parents.  And the last thing I needed was for my bed to smell of come.  Either they would wonder what the hell was wrong with my room and what the smell was – or they’d know exactly what it was, and I would have to curl up and die of embarrassment. So, into the washer went the sheets.

I told myself last night to leave me alone.  I can go two nights without a puddle – it’s not a sacrifice. Except, the moment I said no, I wanted it more than I ever had.  On a whim, I decided to watch myself.

I laid a quilt over the sheets.  The same quilt I’m using tonight – because I like the idea of smelling myself. Yes, I will wash it this weekend.  I didn’t have a small mirror but necessity is the mother of invention, and my phone let’s me flip the camera to look at myself. So I did what any horny, freaky, single woman would do.  I turned the camera around to the self-shot view and moved in for a close up.

It was amazing.

I watched my fingers stroke my pussy.  I saw the sheen from the juices.  I saw my labia swell. It changed from dusky color to pink to dark pink as the blood flow increased.  I watched as my pussy convulsed and opened.  I watched the come drip out of my body.  Fascinated at the sight of myself, I continued to look and stare long after I came and arousal gave way to relaxation.

How had I ever thought such a beautiful part of my body should be hidden away – from myself?

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