The Elusive G

I went searching last night – for my g-spot, thanks to some good advice.

Based on everything I was told, I think I found it.  Was there some immediate orgasm that we’re told is supposed to happen the most the g-spot is found?  No, of course not.

Imagine this, though – two fingers inserted, stroking the g and the other hand, tapping the hell out of a clit.  You know what you get?  A bed-soaking orgasm – or four.

Everything was magnified by ten the moment I found the right rhythm with my g-spot (I feel like I should name it or something).  If I hadn’t been so impatient with myself, I would have squirted.  I could feel it building, that feeling, the pressure.  But I need something more, so I let my other hand find my clit.  The two worked together to create a fucking symphony.  No squirting, but gushing – lots of gushing. Both my hands were covered in come.  It was fucking amazing.

I washed my sheets this morning.

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