Erotica Masturbation

Strange Dichotomy

My hands glided up my stomach, across my collarbone, over my breasts.  My fingers gently fondled my nipples until they were tight peaks.

Moving down my body, my hands gently cupped my breasts, stroked my belly, smoothed down my hip and over my moist panties.  Slowly, gently, I eased along my body.  Eyes half-closed, mouth parted, I licked my lips as I caressed myself.


I slapped my clit.  I hissed through my teeth.  Fingers that moments before played with my nipples, now twisted and pulled harshly.  The pain shot through my body.  My cunt pulsed with need.

I gently stroked my pussy through my wet panties.


A finger played at the edge of my underwear, stroking the sensitive skin.  I rubbed my clit gently.


I shoved my panties to the side and dipped my fingers into my pussy, reveling in the damp heat.  Sensations rolled over my entire body.  I shoved the underwear off, throwing it to the side.


My body jerked.  My back arched.

One finger slowly circled my sleek, soaked clit.  I willed my hips to stay motionless as my fingers dipped into my center, basking in my juices.  Deliberately, I moved my finger in a constant circle, agonizingly slow.  Over and over, round and round, back and forth.

My head thrashed back and forth on the pillow.  My silent cries became gasping sobs.  Finally, my hips bucked once, twice, three times.  Thick, hot, wet come melted over my fingers.



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